The best starts come after the worst conclusions

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The best starts come after the worst conclusions

Last update: June 07, 2015

The moment that scares me more and more is right before starting

Stephen King

We believe that all is lost in moments when our life comes to a crossroads that makes it difficult for us knowing where to go, what to do or how to resolve the chaos. It is at that point that we end up believing that there is no goal or solution, masking our strength with despair.

It is in these moments that voices, memories or words will tell us "You have to start from scratch", but is it really possible to start from scratch? Can life take us into a labyrinth from which it is impossible to get out?

Rationally it is almost impossible to start from scratch, how could we leave ourselves behind? Even if we could totally change our way of being, this would occur due to a change in the previous history that marked our "being in the world".

According to rational logic it is almost impossible to "start from scratch", but it is possible to make a change, find a new destination, take your boat to another port that we did not consider before.

Living implies finding solutions, making decisions. The price of being able to breathe every day is having to choose when life forces us to. Now, however, comes the million-euro question: when should we do it?

Simply when our balance is negative, that is, when we do not perceive that our positive stability and negative consequences do not fit our eyes and everything that surrounds our living conditions.

Is it possible to achieve what we call "happiness" with this change of direction? The answer is obvious, yes, although the changes involve effort and sacrifice, at least in the beginning.

Choosing implies fighting against adversity, even against what hurts us and that has been part of us, against the frustration of remembering things that comforted us or that gave us stability.

Once this tide has passed, this emotional tsunami that implies having to make decisions and having to choose our conditions of life, it is possible to go back to recover that very personal concept of "happiness" and get to try it.

Starting from scratch also requires making decisions with the information we have, decisions that involve risks.

Making these life-changing decisions requires that we be conscientious when considering them as, most likely, there will be major consequences in our environmentThese are also consequences that we will have to face.

Starting from scratch does not imply forgetting but learning: learn from our past and present and be willing to create a new future, as with each learning we expand our opportunities for choice, increase our baggage and create opportunities for life.

Who has never experienced a change of partner, job, home or values? These kinds of events usually go hand-in-hand with a "I have to start from scratch".

It must also be understood that starting from scratch does not always mean breaking all links with the past, but can also be just a change of perspective and tools to face what we could not face before.

Probably on many occasions we have been able to hear the experiences of people who have survived a terrible disease or accident; consequentially, something awakened in them, giving them the strength to change the direction of their lives.

These people have started living in a smarter way following traumatic events, which unfortunately are the ones that usually wake us up. What do they change? First of all they start doing the things they have always dreamed of, sharing their time with the people they love or making trips they would never otherwise have undertaken.

These people have started from scratch or perhaps they have valued the incredible journey of their existence from another perspective, savoring every second that passes and breathing so deeply until they feel every moment that life is a gift.

Because every day of our life is a new beginning, a new opportunity to be who we want to be, to feel the air, the sun and the stars, but above all it is a new opportunity to feel the direction indicated to us by our heart.

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