The best is not always over, it is often yet to come

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The best is not always over, it is often yet to come

Last update: 22 March, 2016

It is not difficult to imagine why phrases like “it used to be better” became famous and why authors like the Argentine Ernesto Sábato made it the basis of their works. He is opposed to "the best is yet to come" and derives from a nostalgic vision of those who have already lived many years of his life, so he has many experiences behind him.

However, continuing to desire what is lost means losing what is left to live. For this reason, it is not true that the best has already passed, but, as Mafalda would say, “the best is yet to come”.

We have the wonderful ability to continually surprise ourselves and should take advantage of it every time we know, learn and experience on our skin new things.

What I want to do well is life

We want to be happy at all costs, which often leads us to make the mistake of forgetting that happiness requires a little bit of crying, in other words the rainbow needs rain before it pops into the sky. That's right, crying and happiness are part of human nature, they complement each other and are both real and necessary.

We want life to “do it well”, but we don't realize that this implies moments of all kinds: good and bad, falling off the mountain and reaching the top.

We do not accept that this "life" is the one that really allows us to live fully to enhance all the beautiful things it offers us, which is what moves us, shakes us and pushes us to grow. This is why "the best is yet to come", because the mountains, like emotions, are infinite until we stop living.

Life begins at 40

Mafalda was right when she said that life begins at 40. At this stage of life we ​​have lived long enough to begin to admit that the past teaches and, at times, arouses nostalgia.

And it is precisely in this phase that we understand that the future is illusory because it depends on the present and that this present is the only one to shape what is yet to come.: we have the opportunity to continuously improve and not to retreat.

At 40, we begin to realize that happiness does not depend on anyone else but ourselves and then we also begin to expect from life what we really deserve: we love each other a little more, we are humbler and we show ourselves more coherent. . That is to say, we understand what our limits are and we have fallen enough times to know that there is always something better.

Just dwell on the memories, you have to create them! The best is yet to come

When we pass the stage of adolescence and youth, we develop what could be considered a "mania", or continually reliving the moments of the past. Remembering becomes a more frequent habit as the years go by, but it's not bad. The downside is being left behind, remembering bad times and forgetting about the present.

We can never take the present for granted because, as we have said, it is only through the present moment that we can establish the principles of tomorrow. Just as remembering is not a bad thing, neither is dreaming: we must build dreams that feed our hopes and fill us with life. However, we cannot allow our dreams to steal our reality from us.

Don't be a prisoner of your past, be the architect of your future.

Robin Sharma

The best is yet to come and we understand it when we accept all this: a past that is the basis for the present and a future that preserves our curiosity, but also allows us to keep our feet on the ground.

The best is yet to come, just as not all known evil is better than an unknown good: there will always be a glimmer of positivity that will help us grow and not stop.

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