The Best Exercises to Enlarge the Chest

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Exercises to enlarge the chest

There are various theories and studies on how effectively train the chest, to make it grow or define it better (depending on the phase we are in), but with little clarity now, old theories confused with new ones, falsehoods combined with truth.

Let's try to clarify some ideas about it.

The bibs are composed of two muscles: major pectoral and minor pectoral. We will therefore have to go and look for some specific exercises for both muscle sectors because it does not result in an inadequate development of the upper or lower part, resulting in an "incomplete" appearance of the pectorals.

Practice a regular training, constant, continuous, without exaggerating, overdoing or overdoing it and without being in a hurry are the key to obtaining excellent results and obtaining correct growth of your chest.

The Grand Pectoral

Focusing on the upper part of the pectoralis major, the high one, we will have to work more on the clavicular part. Therefore refer to basic or complementary exercises, possibly keeping the torso tilted at 30 ° / 45 ° / 60 °, so that the trajectory of the force towards the torso has this angle.

Exercises such as:

1. thrusts on an incline bench

2. crosses on inclined bench

3. crosses to the cables

and even push-ups with feet in support on the bench, they are perfect for bringing out this part of the chest.

The Pectoral Minor

To invoke the lower chest (i.e. the minor bib) we should focus on exercises such as:

1. pushes on a flat bench

2. pectoral machine

3. chest press

4. crosses on flat bench

5. normal push-ups

It is important to always perform a good warm-up before moving on to real sets to ensure that the involved muscle begins to be stressed and is well heated to cope with the various loads.

Always carry out a few very light series of the first exercise and / or a series of approaching the weight (therefore with a light load, almost zero) in all exercises. We therefore recommend a set on 12-15 light repetitions being careful to perform the exercise correctly and in a guided way.

An adequate rest between sets and between exercise changes it is always necessary to give good recovery to the muscle and not to go immediately into muscle exhaustion.

These are all ground rules that we should all know and know a bit, from beginners to the most experienced, but what is the real method to create an explosive chest?

This is the real question of many: unfortunately there is no single method valid for all and structured in the same way due to the fact that we are all different and each of us has our own build and category of belonging, but in any case, whether you are an ectomorph, endomorph, or mesoform there are guidelines valid for everyone (it will then be up to you, and your level of experience to understand how to increase or improve your training according to your goals and your build).

The Chest in the Mass Phase

The chest like the other muscles is composed of both red fibers (slow twitch) than white (fast twitch), then a effective training it will have to stress both types of fiber in order to allow muscle growth.

The secret of this growth lies in performing the repetitions in a manner slow and controlled, that is, have a negative phase about 5 seconds and not the classic 2 which thus create a strong stimulus and impact on the muscle fibers causing it to strengthen; we will go to use medium to heavy weights that allow to control this phase in a safe way. Another important point will therefore be the breaks, relying on short recoveries about 30-45 seconds before leaving.

This technique, combined with the classic "pyramidal"Which, refreshing the memory, simply consists in increasing the weight at each set and consequently decreasing the repetitions to be performed (Ex: 10-8-6-4 repetitions x 20-25-30-35 kg, without ever reaching the own ceiling of course) create a perfect strategy to get a breast in fact explosive, which makes a difference.

Another method is that of double or triple series carried out during the latter stages of training which result in a optimal balance between development of myofibrils and sarcoplasm, for a large and rapid muscle growth of the chest: it is simply a matter of performing a series normally, immediately followed, without any recovery, by another series with a lighter load.

If in addition we also change during this phase our inclination of the chest, passing for example from a flat bench to an inclined one, we will have a double effect ed a stimulus concentrated on the whole muscle.

Consequently the triple series it will be only a third series with an even lighter load to be performed immediately after the second series so as to completely exhaust the forces and induce the muscle to grow.

Good workout!

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