The benefits of negative emotions

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The benefits of negative emotions

Last update: February 18, 2022

You may be wondering what the benefits of negative emotions can be. Not everything is as it seems: emotions are not good or bad at all, the evaluation depends on many factors.

Let's think, for example, of fear. Typically considered a negative emotion, it is, at the same time, a useful mechanism for survival. Thanks to fear, we are cautious and steer clear of dangerous situations.

Negative emotions, with their benefits, allow us to grow, to become more complete people.

Benefits of Negative Emotions: Do They Exist?

Clyde DeSouza says that "when the mind manages to free itself from the contamination of emotions, logic and clarity emerge in a surprising way". This means that by being objective, we can find good in almost everything that we are and that surrounds us, even in the aspects that we consider negative.

We must also consider that the society in which we live classifies, for example, frustration and anxiety as decidedly negative events. Love, on the other hand, is always positive. On a deeper reflection, however, we realize that this identification, even in its logic, has something wrong; it is, in fact, a “subjective reality, with blurred outlines.

We think, as psychologist and sexologist Isabel Rovira also argues, that negative emotion is necessary. According to the psychologist, we can achieve fullness and mental balance only by experiencing the entire emotional spectrum. To reach full development, somehow, our palette must contemplate all emotions. Let us not forget, in fact, that it is experiences, both positive and negative, that teach us the lessons that help us grow more completely.

The benefits of negative emotions

Yes, the benefits of negative emotions exist and are many, but this does not mean that they should be abused. That is to say, accepting them, listening to them and letting them "breathe" is not negative; it is much better than encapsulating, denying or repressing them. It is important, however, to prevent them from taking control or contaminating all thoughts. We must strive for balance: this is where, in general, true fullness is found.

The benefits of negative emotions allow us to grow and really get to know each other.

Emotional balance

As we said, emotional and mental balance is achieved only by experiencing all kinds of emotions. Living in a state of constant optimism is as wrong as living in eternal negativity.

If we want our emotional balance to have a positive impact on our well-being, we must also let negative emotions emerge. Of course, each of us is unique and different; however, we have to choose ourselves the channel through which to flow them, and do it intelligently.

Source of experience and stimulus to improve one's skills

Negative (not, therefore, negative) emotions are also a potential source of wealth. The lived events offer us tools and knowledge that can be used in the future to deal with any type of adverse situation.

Also from the frustration and the situation that generated it it is possible to learn valuable lessons about ourselves and the people we love. We are talking about that self-knowledge necessary for one's emotional intelligence, which is indispensable for choosing the channel we mentioned earlier.

"It happens this way with lessons: there is always something to learn, even if we don't want to"
-Cecelia Ahern-

Better conflict resolution

Negative experiences are useful for discovering new conflict resolution techniques. Knowing, for example, that you are easy to anger or have little control over what you say when you are angry will cause you to take time to express yourself when this emotion overwhelms you. This facilitates the resolution of the conflict. But this only happens by developing emotional intelligence.

On the other hand, many times it is anger, this strong emotion, that informs us that someone is hurting us. This someone can be others or ourselves. In any case, anger warns us that we are in a situation that deserves our attention.

"Will is the intention favored by emotions"
-Raheel Farooq-

Anger is an engine of analytical thoughts

Several studies have shown that anger is a great starting point and catalyst for analytical thinking. That is to say, it helps to distinguish in a more rational and objective way, as long as you do not overdo it and turn into anger, with the diametrically opposite effect.

Fear increases attention

As we said at the beginning, fear is an instrument of alert in the presence of a danger. Again, of course, it must be proportionate and rational.

Not everything is as it seems and this is also valid in the field of emotions, don't you agree? Many gurus nowadays offer their theories on positivity. However, we must not lose the following perspective: if the so-called negative emotions have always been present in man, it is because in some way they favor his survival. It is therefore good to give them the right space, without losing control, but listening to them.

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