The benefits of laughing in bed

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The benefits of laughing in bed

Last update: February 11, 2015

According to a clinical study conducted only on women in the Psychiatry Unit of the University of Toronto, laughing and female sexual arousal share several aspects during different phases:

There is an increase in body temperature. Arms, chest, neck and face turn red.

The facial muscles contract and breathing stops being spontaneous and speeds up. The lips and eyes moisten more quickly and the skin becomes more sensitive.

The body relaxes deeply leaving room for physical and mental well-being.

Laughing helps to dispel prejudices and tensions in sexual relationships

Sexual relationships are often accompanied by certain prejudices which, added to precautions and performance anxiety, end up minimizing pleasure. A sense of humor and laughter relativize the importance of the things around us and are a wonderful weapon to fight the taboos and negative aspects that can appear.

Transferring laughter into sexual relationships can become intense and revitalizing medicine. A saying goes that laughter is the orgasm of the face as it mobilizes the vast majority of the facial muscles. A a large part of the body muscles is mobilized by the reflex that generates an orgasm, in which the amount of tension released causes a very intense sensation of pleasure, well-being and relaxation.

We could therefore conclude that the combination of sex and laughter when it occurs without hurting or without mockery, when it contributes to disinhibition and generates an increase in complicity, when it does not alter the concentration or the foreplay that any sexual contact needs, and when it does not harm. but eroticism ennobles and intensifies it, it turns out to be an extremely healthy and convenient combination for a couple's life.

Sex as a creative game

Laughing can coexist with desire as it is directly responsible for decreasing anxiety and activating levels of receptivity to fun. At certain moments, sex combined with laughter is a creative and wonderful game in which basic needs, imagination, joke, fun and joy are mixed to complete the understanding in a completely different way.

We can make our sexuality a drug for both the body and the spirit, and when laughter completes the sexual relationship it will become different, an accomplice and sacred union.

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