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Kanten: what it is

Il the kanten is a preparation whose main ingredient is the seaweed agar agar.

Kanten can have the shape and consistency of a jelly, but it can also be used as a natural remedy in the form of a hot drink.

L'alga agar it is, together with other algae, an ingredient of the macrobiotic diet, a diet that uses foods as a "cure" and remedy to preserve and regain the state of balance and health.

It has chelating properties, that is, it manages to bind toxic substances to itself inside the stomach and intestines and expel them through the feces.

Agar agar is also rich in minerals, phosphorus, calcium and iron, e Vitamins of the B complex, of folate, is low in calories and also suitable for those suffering from diabetes and celiac.


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Kanten: benefits

I benefits of kanten-based drink are many:

> Disintossicante e depurative: due to its chelating properties it allows to purify the organism in a natural way;

> laxative: kanten has a slightly laxative effect, as it retains water and helps the evacuation of feces; this, added to the purifying properties of the seaweed, allows you to naturally cleanse the body;

> gastric protector: due to the high content of mucilage, kanten is useful in case of gastric and intestinal tract irritation, as it protects the mucous membranes and promotes their disinfection;

> slimming: kanten can be of help to those who want to lose weight and lose weight in a natural way; drunk before meals helps to calm hunger and increases the sense of satiety. Kanten also stimulates thyroid activity, improving metabolism. This makes it unsuitable for those suffering from thyroid problems, as the iodine concentration interferes with the production of thyroid hormones;

> slows down the absorption of glucose: this characteristic makes agar agar, the alga from which kanten is obtained, an excellent ingredient in vegan desserts and for those suffering from hyperglycemia and diabetes;

> stimulating of diuresis;

> it is useful for the beauty of the skin, nails e hair.


Kanten: the recipe

In this article I have mainly referred to kanten as a hot drink used as a natural remedy.



> agar agar algae, powder or flakes;

> unsweetened apple juice and unfiltered, possibly organic.

Agar agar seaweed can be found in macrobiotic or specialty food stores in the form of powder, flakes or bars.



To prepare the drink is used a cup of unsweetened, organic apple juice, a teaspoon of seaweed flakes (much less if in powder: the tip of a teaspoon is enough) e a saucepan.

The seaweed is allowed to dissolve in the apple juice until it becomes transparent, over low heat and stirring.

It will take about 3-5 minutes after that it is drunk hot or lukewarm, before the algae gels the apple juice and becomes cold.

For macrobiotic cuisine, kanten is useful for balancing a excessive consumption of meat and cheese, and when subjected the body to high yang conditions on exceptional and temporary occasions.

In case of constipation and colitis kanten regularizes the intestine, purifying it, and is also useful in cases of hemorrhoids as it softens the stool, facilitating its evacuation.

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