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Tell the truth, many of us are left with the rudimentary notions of chlorophyll photosynthesis of the school days, and what little we know about chlorophyll is that it gives plants the green color. Chlorophyll is a pigment, responsible for the green color (chloros in Greek means green) e present not only in plants but also in algae and in some bacteria.

It is also responsible for the absorption of light by plants (photosynthesis), especially the spectra relating to the blue and red color. To speak in more layman terms, we could say that chlorophyll is the equivalent of hemoglobin in humans. Whenever we eat plants or algae, we take in chlorophyll in different quantities, but it is also available in powder or ready-made drinks. Because'? What would the benefits of chlorophyll? We've heard a thousand times, if not more, how healthy it is to eat correct quantity of green leafy vegetables. One of the reasons is precisely the absorption of chlorophyll, the benefits of which we will explore together.


Satiety and weight loss

Various independent studies have shown over the years that people (especially women) who tend to eat more foods rich in chlorophyll, have a more controlled amount of blood sugar, have a less intense and compulsive hunger and, consequently, a greater ease in losing and controlling weight.


Personal smell

Eating large amounts of chlorophyll also makes a difference in body odor: sweat, various body fluids, breath and feces. This because' chlorophyll helps fight constipation, the fermentation of food in the intestine, and the generation of gas. Scientific tests have shown an improvement in personal odor in subjects who changed their diet by increasing the intake of chlorophyll.


It increases the healing power of therapies

There are even studies dating back to the XNUMXs to show that a diet rich in chlorophyll improves and optimizes the effectiveness of therapies in patients. The healing times when undergoing a diet rich in foods that provide chlorophyll, they decrease significantly. Furthermore the chlorophyll spray it seems to have a strong healing power.



In a highly polluted way like ours, the power of chlorophyll to cleanse the organism of toxic agents and heavy metals. There are studies demonstrating that chlorophyll is able to isolate heavy metals, toxic substances, even some of those considered carcinogenic. Thanks to the consumption of chlorophyll it is possible to expel a percentage of more than 90% of specific toxic substances from the body.


Protect DNA

We all know, or we should all know, that heavy frying, especially those with low quality waste oils they have a terrible effect on DNA: they are able to damage it and are considered mutagenic, especially in relation to the DNA of the colon cells. Chlorophyll has been included in the list of foods able to protect the colon from this genetic damage. So if you really can't avoid heavy fried food, at least make up for it with a nice meal of green leafy vegetables.


Antioxidant power

There must be a reason why the superfood label has also been labeled with chlorophyll! This is given above all by the strong antioxidant power against free radicals and cell damage.



Candida is a more serious problem than it first appears. Especially for the sense of exhaustion, lack of strength, depression, digestive problems that can be associated with it. There are studies that can show that chlorophyll is able to isolate and prevent the proliferation of Candida albicans.




We have heard so many times that anemics need iron and therefore red meat, often rare, that it will seem strange to read scientific studies demonstrating that chlorophyll, through a modified form called chlorophyllin, is able to bring an extremely high iron absorption power, through a process that separates the iron from the magnesium present in its formula. And it is a highly bioassimilable form of iron.



In conclusion, whenever we take chlorophyll or foods rich in chlorophyll we will have to be aware of their countless health benefits: detoxifying power, limiting power of procangerogenic substances, antioxidant power, detoxifying power, protective power of DNA. Just to name a few.


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