The autumn diet puts you in a good mood

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Typical autumn vegetables we like them. Some are very light, like mushrooms and squash. Others, think of chestnuts and persimmons, are more energetic. Everyone makes us feel good just looking at them, for theirs warm colors, but also because they give a lot of flavor to the dishes of every day. In short, they put us in a good mood, a feeling that transpires from the whole menu.

«Each meal, starting with breakfast, includes a share of carbohydrates, which raise the levels of serotonin, the feel-good hormone, and they make us feel better and more energized ”, explains Dr. Carla Lertola. Which is not bad at a time of the year when the light is starting to decrease and the days are getting shorter.

And then all that remains is to experiment the program of our experts, which allows you to lose a size in a couple of months. It is rich in delicious recipes, seasonal, even ecological. Like the omelette enriched with carrot tufts. Absolutely not to be thrown away.

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