The alternatives to junk snacks

What makes the trash bin worthy junk food it is a double aspect: on the one hand it is the nutritional value almost null, lacking in fiber, vitamins, healthy proteins; on the other hand, there is a whole series of health implications linked to its consumption to be evaluated:excess of sugars and saturated fats che opens the doors to obesity and various forms of diabetes, as well as known cardiovascular problems.

It is no coincidence that in many countries warnings have begun to be placed on the packaging of these foods, a bit like on cigarettes, relating to the damage to health caused by the consumption of snacks and junk food.

But why give up on taste? There is a way to enjoy the pleasures of gluttony without harming yourself?

It is known that junk food is fast and cheap, but this cheapness must make you suspicious, because it often indicates the very low quality of the ingredients.

In two words, we have alternatives to junk snacks?

Let's find out why junk snacks are so bad and what the natural and healthy alternatives are.


Junk snacks


They are officially recognized as one of the 3 most important negative factors that cause obesity: rich in very poor quality oils, overcooked and therefore carcinogenic, give a sense of satiety (especially due to the frying that engages the stomach capacity) without nourishing. Zero fiber and high sodium levels, one of the worst combinations.


Donuts and donuts

It seems that to understand something in the list of ingredients that make up these foods it is necessary to be an expert in chemistry.

Heat pumps, rich in dyes, sweeteners, preservatives and other synthetic products, are also dipped in liquid and fried sugars. You do.


Sweet drinks with "zero sugar"

Here we are to comment on other chemical artifices: sugary drinks are enemies of health, often exciting, linked to the increase in obesity, with the'bait of "zero sugars" without specifying that theand sweetening properties are given by ssynthetic substances suspected of causing cancer and other serious damage to health.


Ready-to-heat mini pizzas and calzones

It is easy to go to the fridge, open a package, heat a pizza or a calzone in a few minutes and satisfy your hunger; but what are we eating?

Typically this is a mixture of low quality and hydrogenated seed oils, corn syrup, creams with artifical flavorsi, fake mozzarella made with dairy production waste, and other nice little things.


Mood Food: food for every mood


Alternative snacks to junk food

Snack with oats

And who said that oats are only ideal for breakfast? Eat a nice one cup of oats with fresh fruit, or muesli, or dried fruit, or seeds such as cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts and pine nuts, is agreat snack, to which molasses, honey, malt and other natural sweeteners can be added, along with vegetable milk or chocolate flakes.

Many studies show how oats have preventive capacity towards type 2 diabetes, heart problems and a tendency to gain weight.

La oat fiber it is in fact capable of absorb cholesterol and glucose into the blood, while all the fiber-free snacks only increase the level of glucose and insulin in the blood.


Curd and Greek yogurt

If produced in a healthy way, the Kurdish and Greek yogurt are a good source of animal proteins, with a low level of fat, perfect for those with high blood pressure problems.

They go well with and integrate well with sesame seeds and natural unrefined sweeteners, as well as with other seeds and fruit.

They are also suitable for those who want to avoid binge eating, as curd and Greek yogurt they give a prolonged sense of satiety.


Pistachios and pumpkin seeds

These snacks are the furthest thing from a junk snack - great sources of monounsaturated fats, low carbohydrates, which makes them perfect for keeping bad cholesterol levels down.

Buying pistachios and pumpkin seeds still to be shelled helps to avoid overeating, thus avoiding calorie excess. Nothing beats a handful of these precious allied snacks a day.



Can't you give up sweet and sparkling drinks? Choose kombucha, a functional drink, given by the fermentation of tea or mint or lemongrass herbal tea.

It is obtained through a colonization of the drink by special bacteria and yeasts; the result is a product to drink, sweet, slightly effervescent, excellent for keeping the immune system in dust.


Do-it-yourself natural snacks

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