The advantages of saying things as they are

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The advantages of saying things as they are

Last update: June 06, 2016

It can happen to hide one's opinions in an attempt not to offend anyone and act prudently, thus losing the great advantages of saying things clearly. In this way, nothing is done to err on the side of prudence: our real thoughts do not come to the surface and we offer others an image that does not fully represent us.

Trying to be politically correct to avoid conflicts can sometimes be the winning solution, especially when our goal is not to hurt the sensitivity of people or not to run into discussions that would generate emotional malaise in us. Yet taking this attitude can prove to be a double-edged sword… Who are we really?

Our advice for having strong relationships is to share your thoughts and opinions with respect, empathy, and, of course, assertiveness. So what are the advantages of speaking clearly?

What are the benefits of saying things clearly?

You will relieve tension without keeping it all inside

Each of us sees the world through its own criteria of interpretation, and this does not necessarily have to correspond to that of the others, every single person has his own particular story. There are those who prefer silence for fear of the repercussions that his words could have, but hiding what you think will soon become a habit of breaking out.

 "What you think of yourself is much more important than what others think of you"

There is also a risk of frustration when you realize that if you had said things as they were, perhaps you could have handled the situation differently. Don't allow your words to grow inside you like a monster, get rid of them and choose to declare aloud what you need: you too have and deserve this opportunity.

Those who are able to express their emotions and thoughts in an assertive way, enjoy the advantages derived from greater self-confidence, in addition to the awareness of having the right to have their say, to say what they think and be heard by others. Don't repress your thoughts! Although we are largely slaves to our words, these can be useful to free us emotionally.

You will lead others to open up to you

Saying things clearly, demonstrating your thoughts and feelings sincerely and without masks, will invite others to do the same.

According to the rule of reciprocity, if you open up to others, others will open up to you. They will see you as an honest person who is ready to say what he or she thinks and able to respect the opinions of others. By doing this, you will increase the likelihood that others will treat you the same way.

 "Those who have a different opinion should not be feared, but those who have another opinion, but are too cowardly to express it"
-Napoleon I-

On the contrary, if you are people who prefer not to open up to others and act in the dim light, those around you will not feel trust in you and will consider you not very transparent and honest people. How would you prefer to be treated by others? Honestly and sincerely or wearing a mask and telling you what you would like to hear? Behave with others according to what you would like to receive from them.  

You will help others understand you

As already mentioned, those who are willing to share their thoughts and feelings with the people closest to them it will inspire others to do the same. Being honest and saying what you think allows us to show ourselves exactly who we are, giving others the opportunity to understand and get to know us.

What is the use of saying what others like to hear if it leads us to betray ourselves? Being honest with others will lead us to relate to them by putting ourselves on the line with authenticity.

If you want to turn your thoughts into words, it is best to do it with character and integrity. By saying things as they are, you will show that you are willing to disagree, and, if necessary, even change your own perspective while remaining true to your values.

Express what bothers you when it bothers you, don't wait until it's too late; This will ensure that you say it in the best words and do not make the mistake of expressing it in offensive terms.

Finally, remember that expressing your opinions is right if you do it assertively and paying attention to the more delicate consequences of the message. In this way, those who receive it will be able to understand your opinion, and show themselves open to dialogue with you.

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