The 7 energy thieves

The 7 energy thievesEvery day when we wake up, we have a quantity
limited energy. Our attention, memory and perception are
limited, in the same way that physical strength, motivation and
self-control. However, there are days when we get to the end of the
day with residual energy and others in which we find ourselves half exhausted
morning. Has this ever happened to you? In these cases we are probably victims of some of the gods
"Energy thieves", which are nothing more than bad habits that just not there
they waste time but also affect our productivity and us
put you in a bad mood. The problem is that many of these habits do
they activate automatically and we do not realize that they steal us
valuable energy that could be used in more productive activities
which give us greater satisfaction.

What are the main daily habits that take away our energy?

1. The constant complaints. We do it by inertia or simply to have a
topic of conversation, but the truth is that we complain too much, so much so that
sometimes complaining becomes a mania. Of course, in some circumstances this is normal
getting angry or worried, especially when we get bad news.
However, constantly complaining means that we are only capable of
see the negative side of things. And how you can be full of energy if you adopt
such a pessimistic attitude?

Therefore, the next time you are about to complain, ask yourself if you have
really reasons to do it or if it's just a habit
that takes your energy and your time from you. Remember that complaining is useless,
change what can be changed and learn to move on if you can't

2. Mental reminders. At first glance it may seem strange, but oblige us to
remembering dozens of activities throughout the day is one of the energy thieves
more dangerous. In fact, there are few things that cause more stress and frustration
of pending activities. Furthermore, we also tend to force ourselves to review
all the pending tasks so as not to forget them and this is tiring.

Therefore, take a pen and paper and write down everything
you have to do throughout the day. Once the day is planned
free your mind. You will realize that you were wasting an enormous amount
of energy. 3. The lack of hierarchy. It's not about becoming an automaton, but if we don't plan
and we hierarchize the different activities that we have to face at work and at
home, we will end up forgetting them, postponing them or blocking them. The habit of improvising in
course of work does not bring us anything, on the contrary it puts us with our backs to the wall,
tiring us out physically and mentally and limiting our productivity, so we recommend that you plan yours carefully
agenda, including all the most important tasks of the day. To plan
at the beginning of the day it saves mental energy and allows you to take advantage
better than the time available. Remember that if you don't hierarchy you run the
risk of overemphasizing irrelevant activities and ultimately
during the day you will realize that you have wasted your energy
unnecessarily, while important activities remain pending. 4. Disorder. Clutter is not a problem, at least until it is
you have to find something. At that point, you won't just waste precious time
turning the environment like a sock, but you will also be assailed by stress and
frustration. And once saturated with negative emotions it will be difficult to get back to
Concentrate, therefore, make sure that each thing is in its place.
The time you invest today will be time saved tomorrow. Make the order
a rule of life and apply it to the environment in which you live or work. 5. Permanent indecision. It is normal to have doubts when
we have to make some important decisions, but during the day we have to
making so many small decisions that leave us no more than a few seconds for
reflect. Permanent indecision is one of the most insidious energy thieves because
it forces us to think about scenarios that may never happen
plunging into a state of uncertainty and chaos that causes us fatigue.So, make sure you get rid of all those little
"Internal battles". Be aware of the fact that you cannot
always have all the data necessary to make the decision available
better and that sometimes you will go wrong, but still nothing will happen. Very
worse is not deciding, being carried away by circumstances or wasting some
precious energies for making irrelevant decisions. 6. Emotional vampires. There are negative people who are real and
their own emotional vampires and deprive us of our energy. Without realizing it,
these people spread their negativity and pass their problems on to it. In
this way, even before we realize it, we lose energy. In many
cases this is due to the fact that we do not know how to establish clear boundaries
in relationships Do not fall into the net of negative people, know that time passes
with them it will cost you dearly, psychologically speaking, because you will have to stay on
defensive all the time. Therefore, it is better to say clearly from the very beginning
what do you expect from that relationship and what are you willing to give in return. Do not
allow these people to push your limits by infecting you
their negativity and manipulating your emotions.

7. Perfectionism. There are few things that steal as much energy as the
desire to do something perfectly. It is true that superficiality is not
positive and it is better to apply yourself seriously to every project you undertake,
but sometimes perfectionism turns into a black hole that swallows all the
our time and energy. Perfectionism makes us slow and inefficient, us
it fills us with doubts and blocks us, generating a feeling of growing anguish.

However, there are many activities in everyone's life
days that don't necessarily have to be perfect, as long as they come
completed. Make sure you stop before you fall into pathological perfectionism
and haunting. Set boundaries for all the things you face e
determine what small "imperfections" you are willing to tolerate.
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