The 7 disappointments with which I built my emotional refuge

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The 7 disappointments with which I built my emotional refuge

Last update: February 18, 2022

With the disappointments of life I built my hut.


Some people, instead of isolating themselves and becoming “asocial”, have taken full advantage of the lessons that life has taught them.

Some situations we face involve a vital challenge that ends in disappointment. Those who aim for happiness usually manage to overcome these challenges and improve their future condition.

Let's now look at some of the more complex situations that we may all sooner or later face, learn the lesson and get stronger.

Conflicting family relationships

Not everyone can count on a stable family environment, the safest refuge there is.

What is certain is that many people reproduce in adulthood what they experienced in childhood, therefore a negative and toxic environment. Other people, on the other hand, are aware that sooner or later they will form a family of their own and will only want to recreate that negative environment in their home..

If you too grew up in a negative environment, then learn the lesson for the future, for your future family.

Amorous disappointments

Only a few people can say that they have met the love of a lifetime and that things with this person went as they hoped. Many others have instead suffered numerous disappointments.

If these people lose their trust due to past disappointments, they will deny themselves the chance to meet a person who is perfect for them..

Consequently, avoid this attitude of distrust and do not behave like victims after disappointment. Turning your back on love, in addition to giving up the risks, also means saying goodbye to all the positive things it can bring.

Disappointments in friendships

Who hasn't had someone next to him who, instead of proving to be a friend, was just a toxic person who stole moments of tranquility? Realizing this hurts, it is undoubtedly a "disappointment" for us.

This happens because most people conceive of friendship as sharing and not suffering. And so it is.

As a result, learn from your decisions, but don't give up on the warmth and intimacy of your relationship with someone. Social relationships are essential for our stability.

Friends are the family you choose.

Academic disappointments

Academic delusions refer to our self-efficacy, so they are related to our self-esteem. For example, you thought you were reaching the goal, but you didn't get any results and this makes you feel like a failure.

To remedy and make sure that your self-esteem is not affected, it is time to analyze yourself. Did you demand too much? Were you unable to concentrate? Did you have too many commitments at the same time? Certainly if you analyze your situation, you will draw the right conclusions and solutions to better organize yourself and improve your results..

Health problems

Unfortunately, health is not taken into account until it is lost; when we are weak, we wonder why, as healthy, we have complained so much about everything. However, health problems make us understand what is really important. They make us live life with greater awareness and gratitude.

Learn from diseases, however difficult they are or have been to overcome. They give a very important lesson.

Economic problems

In terms of economics we are not exactly in a happy time, but for some people it is particularly hard. Some survived, but saw their life savings disappear overnight.

This is hard because it affects other aspects and areas of life. Perhaps you too have faced a similar situation, but over time you will learn to value material goods for what they deserve and you will be more foresighted.

Existential crises

"I don't know who I am" or "where am I going?" they are thoughts and feelings that the human being experiences very assiduously. Do not worry, for sure from the torment and anxiety experienced you will learn to value calm. All these questions you have tried to answer will make you feel wiser, more adventurous and full of truth..

With each disappointment, look forward. Fill yourself with strength, not anger. You are on the right path to building your emotional hut, a strong and solid refuge.

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