The 5 foods richest in Omega 3 (excluding fish)

by Angela Altomare

By now we know: salmon e fish blue (herring, sardines, anchovies, mackerel) are the source par excellence of Omega 3, the good fats, friends of the heart and circulation, but also of the brain and of the skin.

Don't you love fish? You have it available other foods too rich in these substances, which the body does not produce by itself and therefore needs to be introduced through food.

- Omega 3 perform many important functions: they protect the heart and improve its activity. In fact, they reduce triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, the bad one, making the blood more fluid and cleaning the arteries. "They participate in the formation of inflammatory mediators, in particular the prostaglandins of the third series, substances that reduce inflammatory and allergic reactions and the risk of cardiovascular and oncological diseases", explains the nutritionist Mariarosa Di Lella.

They are also good for the brain, regulating its activity and counteracting aging because, explains the expert: "They contribute to the formation of cell membranes which make up the nervous system ".

Continue to browse the article, find out what are the alternative foods to fish to stock up on Omega 3 and the recipes to enjoy them at their best.

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