The 5 best sunscreens for hair 2021

    The 5 best sunscreens for hair 2021

    Sunscreen for hair

    The arrival of summer is synonymous with days at the beach to take refreshing baths, sunbathe on the lounger, play on the sand. But before leaving for the holidays it is also good to remember the hair care.

    In addition to buying sun creams so as not to burn yourself and avoid dangerous risks for the skin, it is good to buy some sunscreen for hair. Oils, sprays to be applied on wet or dry hair to prevent UV rays from damaging them. Prolonged exposure to the sun, in fact, risks burning and making the hair dry and brittle, forcing - often - a clean cut when returning from holidays.

    With some precautions, such as the products recommended later, however, the hair will remain healthy, nourished and vigorous. Here is 5 sunscreen for hair recommended by Amazon users to face the summer:  

    Collistar Toning protection oil spray

    Treated and colored hair needs specific protection from the sun's rays and from all external agents that tend to weaken and dry them. Collistar offers a spray oil able to protect the hair structure, wrapping it like a protective sheath to preserve its beauty and color, which can be altered due to frequent exposure to sunlight.

    The spray oil is suitable for all types of treated and colored hair. It is recommended to apply it before exposing yourself to the sun or taking a bath, spray the oil on the hair and distribute evenly over the entire length with the help of a comb.

    The product has been appreciated by several Amazon users for its protective ability and described as an ideal oil to combat dryness from the sun and salt. According to some, it greases a little too much. 

    Macadamia - Dry Oil Spray

    Here is a spray oil based on macadamia oil, ideal for all hair, without parabens and silicones. The product is ideal for deeply nourishing the hair without attacking it and to protect it from external attacks from the sun, salt, wind and various pollutants. Constant use ensures health, brightness and softness.

    It is recommended to spray the oil on damp hair, on lengths and ends for intense and immediate hydration and on dry hair in small doses on lengths and ends for daily protection.

    According to users, it is a good product that does not grease the hair too much and smells good. Also recommended for curly or particularly frizzy hair. Some users were dissatisfied with the packaging: the dispenser stopped working after the second use. 

    Cocolis Organic Oil 3 in 1

    Cocolis offers a perfect spray oil for hair. Contains cold-pressed organic oils (coconut oil, camellia oil, arga oil, jojoba oil, tamanu oil, almond oil, olive oil and vitamin E).

    Protects hair from sun exposure, hairdryer and straightening plates. Used on the beach and in the sun, the oil protects hair from dehydration and at the same time nourishes it, making it softer and shinier than ever. It is recommended to apply a small amount of the oil to the ends of the hair or to distribute it over the entire length of the hair. Do not use too much, in order to prevent the hair from becoming too greasy. At the end of the day, wash your hair thoroughly.

    Users were quite satisfied with the purchase, describing Cocolis as a product that adequately protects the hair. 

    Coconut oil spray for hair

    A spray coconut oil that protects hair from salt and sunlight. It is a Boreal product, natural recommended for beach and spa holidays and able to make the hair soft, healthy and bright.

    Coconut oil prevents dryness and split ends, thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties it prevents dandruff and itching. Its use is also recommended on the skin, as it nourishes it by preventing acne, eczema, dryness and cracking. Nourishing and repairing even for the nails.

    The oil is packaged in a kit with a plastic oval pneumatic brush, plastic drying brush and plastic handle comb, all packed into a stylish zippered travel bag.

    The kit has been positively reviewed by users for its practicality, the oil is liked for its nourishing and protective capacity even if - according to some users - it is a bit too greasy. 

    Bilboa Sun Oil Hair with UV Filter

    Bilboa offers a multi-protection sun oil for hair that protects against damage from UV rays, leaving the hair free to shine even under the sun. The product in question protects from sand, salt and chlorine, with UV filter. Strengthens and fights frizz, intensely nourishes the hair. It is optimal before, during, and after exposure to the sun

    It is recommended to evenly spray the oil on the hair before and during sun exposure. It is completely eliminated with shampoo.

    According to users it is a good product, perhaps too oily, but able to hydrate the hair well even at the sea. 

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