The 4 dishes richest in vitamins

Le Vitamins they are good and even those on a diet like them as they do not provide calories. Yes, because they are not used to supply energy, but to improve them vital functions of the organism. Before rushing to buy some pills, we shop from Greengrocer, then we always learn new and never boring recipes.

Let's try to cook a together light and super vitaminic menu, with 4 dishes among the richest in vitamins: appetizer, first course, second course and dessert.


The 4 dishes richest in vitamins from appetizers to desserts

1. Pinzimonio of raw vegetables

Prepared with carrots, tomatoes, peppers, radishes, cucumbers.

Excellent if seasoned with sauces based on extra virgin olive oil, salt and anchovies, or, for the sweet tooth, with mayonnaise or ketchup, strictly homemade.

Because it is good

It contains almost the entire alphabet of vitamins: from vitamin A present mainly in the carrots, at the B in cucumbers, at the C in tomatoes, In the pepperoni, to E in tomatoes and cucumber, up to K, always in cucumbers.


2. Table 

Prepared with bulgur seasoned with lemon juice, peppers, fresh parsley, mustard and extra virgin olive oil

Because it is good

It is a mine of Vitamin C, thanks to the synergy of the foods that are richer in it: peppers, parsley, lemon. Antioxidant and to support the immune system


3. Broccoli and goat ricotta salad

Made with heads of broccoli, shallots, goat ricotta, salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil

Because it is good

Rich in mineral salts precious, broccoli is also theABC of health: in fact, they contain all three of these vitamins, C in greater quantities.


4. Hot pineapple

With ginger and vanilla flavored ricotta cream and a drizzle of honey

Because it is good

Good and refreshing, thanks to the precious ananas, this dish provides vitamin C, B vitamins, and potassium, which does not hurt, while it ginger is rich in B vitamins.


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