The 3 types of energy that feed your emotional "battery"

    The 3 types of energy that feed your emotional

    There are moments in life when we feel that our strength is leaving us. In those moments it is as if our personal "battery" is running low. It can be due to an intense period of work, to rather serious adversities or simply to the excesses of the daily routine. The good news is that if we pay attention to the state of charge of this "battery" we can avoid reaching the point where fatigue, despair and boredom take over us.

    But this "emotional battery" feeds on different types of energy which we must ensure balance.

    1. Emotional energy

    Emotions are a powerful source of energy that we often tend to underestimate. In fact, if you feel cheerful, happy or enthusiastic you will also feel that you can do anything, you will believe you can conquer the world and you will be able to better deal with the problems that arise because you have the appropriate emotional energy.

    Conversely, if you feel sad, nostalgia, frustration or fear assault you, you will likely experience an unpleasant feeling of paralysis and extreme fatigue that will become another obstacle in your path, whatever it may be.

    The good news is that emotional energy also depends on us and we are able to improve its quality. Joseph Campbell gives us a clue: "Find a place within yourself where there is joy and this joy will burn the pain."

    - Cultivate positive emotions such as fun, relaxation, gratitude ... It is important that you learn to maximize these emotions and that you plan activities that make you feel good. In this way you can "recharge" positively.

    - Make sense of "negative" emotions. Fighting against negative emotions only serves to lose precious energy. Instead, you need to learn to accept them and let them go. It will also help you make sense of them, because learning about them will mitigate their negative impact.

    2. Mental energy
    "The energy of the mind is the essence of life," said Benjamin Franklin, and he was not wrong. Our thoughts and ideas are not free, they consume resources and energy. In fact, some psychologists have come to say that worrying is as consuming as trying to do two tasks at the same time. However, we rarely notice how our thoughts, worries, catastrophic ideas and worst predictions drain us of energy.

    Of course, mental energy also eludes us when we are involved in too many projects and activities as our mental resources, such as attention span and self-control, are limited. Therefore, it is not surprising that, after a great intellectual effort, we feel exhausted.

    Fortunately, we can reduce the "loss of mental energy"

    - Only do one thing at a time. Having several browser windows open, watching TV while browsing social networks on your mobile or trying to do too many things together turns into a black hole that swallows all your energy. Therefore, focus on one thing at a time and eliminate distractions.

    - Alternate periods of work and rest.
    Pauses and rest periods allow you to "recharge" the batteries. This will make it easier for you to go back to work or do any other activity and you won't get to the point where mental fatigue paralyzes you.

    3. Spiritual Energy
    Spiritual energy is the most neglected, but it is essential because it is what gives us the strength to get up every morning and not to be discouraged, even when adversity knocks on our door. This type of energy comes from the projects, causes, illusions and dreams that we are most passionate about.

    Spiritual energy is deeply linked to the meaning of life, it gives us a strong push and is activated mainly in the most difficult moments to help us find hope, enthusiasm and the desire to move forward. Unfortunately, in the words of the Czech writer Vaclav Havel: "The tragedy of modern man is not that he knows less and less about the meaning of his life, but rather that he cares less and less about it."
    So, in order to stock up on spiritual energy, you need to:

    - Cultivate your dreams. Illusion is the engine of life, without it everything gradually loses its meaning. Therefore, it is essential that you never stop dreaming and continually plan new goals to keep yourself alive.

    - Take part in something bigger than you. Several studies have shown that people who engage in causes beyond themselves experience greater life satisfaction and feel happier. Therefore, it is important that you identify that blueprint that allows you to transcend and connect with others.

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