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Sculpted Abs Exercises

The summer is now over and getting back in shape after the excesses of the holidays seems a truly impossible undertaking. We would all like to know the tricks to recover those strong and sculpted abs we had before leaving.

The problem is, people often don't have a clue how to get the flat stomach they want. For some strange reason, spending hours and hours in endless sit-up sessions has become the rule of thumb to achieve this. In reality, the only results you will have will be severe pain in the lower back.

Sound familiar to you? Keep reading…

 Abs: the common mistakes

Before we get into the detail of the article, there are two misconceptions about abs that I would like to clarify:

The diet

  • Even if you have 10 nice abdominal "tiles" on your stomach, they will never show if they are covered in a layer of fat.
  • Your abs may be visible even if you still have excess body fat, but they will only stand out when your fat percentage is below 12%… it's that simple!

 "La Tartaruga ”(Six Pack)

  • Genetics plays an important role in the shape, number and appearance of your abdominal muscles: if you genetically do not have 6 abdominal blocks, or "the Turtle" on your belly, then it will be impossible to transform the 4 "tiles" of your abdomen. in a nice Six Pack.
  • By defining and developing your abs, as well as all the muscles that are part of the trunk, you will be able to build an impressive physique: train with what mother nature has given you and strengthen YOUR PHYSICAL to the highest possible level.

Six-Pack Abs (“La Tartaruga”)

"Turtle" or "Six Pack" are both names by which we mainly refer to the muscles of the Rectum of the Abdomen. However, this is only part of the abdominal wall. So, if you want to have a truly sculpted abdomen, you must effectively train this muscle, additionally carrying out exercises that hit the abdominal wall in extension.

To start, my advice is to work out 3 to 5 times a week to give your abs a good boost. Below you will find some of the best exercises, in order to give you some specific tips to have an abdomen to be envied.

 1. Weighted Cable Crunch

My favorite. You may think you don't want to use loads to train your abs, you want them defined and not thick.

… The truth is that the abdominal wall is a very thin tissue and is not made up of fibers that can grow out of all proportion. Using additional weight is a great way to give your abs a good punch and sculpt.

To do this exercise, grab a rope or straight bar attached to the cable, which is itself hooked up into the pulley machine.

  1.  Kneel on the ground, with the accessory you have chosen behind your head. Push your upper body down and bring it between your knees. You can choose to start as described above or to literally lean forward so as to bring your forehead to just touch the ground.
  2. Without bending with the torso any more, try to push the weight down: push the chest towards the knees using only the abdominal muscles.
  3. Breathe out gradually during the concentric phase or "pull phase" of the exercise: as you do this you should feel a strong contraction of the abdominals.
  4. Try to get all the air you have out of your lungs. Once this is done, you will feel your abs begin to stiffen and contract.

2. Raise of Legs on the Bar

The "Raised Legs to the Bar" train the lower part of the abdomen, also stimulating the anterior serratus muscle and the Obliques. The oblique muscles are those that give the classic and defined V shape below the abdominals and help to reduce the waistline, giving you an aesthetically better abdomen.

a) To do this exercise hang from a bar or use the part of a structure that allows you to stay lifted by leaning on your forearms.

b) Pull your legs up towards your chest, using your abdomen. You should feel the muscles pulling just above the groin region and not your upper abs, which you should be used to.

c) Use only your abdominal muscles to perform this movement: lifting your legs up and down will give you a different level of stimulation and different results.

d) Raise your knees by bending your legs. When you can make progress and get stronger, you can do the exercise with your legs straight and without bending your knees.

 3. Rollout for the abdominals

The ultimate abdominal exercise that engages all areas of the abdomen serves to strengthen and stabilize muscles while developing excellent strength levels in the abdomen.

The "abdominal rollout" is undoubtedly an advanced level exercise, but it will allow you to work your abs like a normal sit-up could never do ... it is absolutely worth the effort for such a hard ab workout, but at the same time so effective!

  1. Use an ab wheel or, if not possible, a dumbbell will work too.
  2. Start with your knees upright. Slowly lean forward, bringing your body towards the ground, as if you were going to lie down.
  3. Stop a couple of inches above the ground.
  4. Climb up to the vertical starting position.

… It seems simple, but it is likely that once you get within 6 centimeters of the floor, based on your current level, you will never be able to return to the starting position. Don't worry, it's not a drama: get to the point where you can complete the exercise and then gradually try to improve each time.


A little trick to start with is to do the exercise on a raised surface, so one step would be fine. This will allow you to get a little closer to the ground before it becomes too difficult to ascend.

A tip not to be forgotten

The abs are difficult muscles to stress, so I suggest you follow this program:

 3 - 5 sets of 12 - 15 repetitions

If you want to have a great turtle, forget about sit ups and work out by really stimulating your abs and surrounding muscles.

To significantly support the training you will put into practice, keep an eye on your diet and reduce fat…. this way you'll build monster abs in no time.

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