The 2 most important decisions of your life

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If you want to change your life you have to make at least one decision and respect it. I suggest 2: choosing them every day will revolutionize your existence.

“Man is nothing other than what he plans to be; he exists only to the extent that he is realized; it is therefore nothing other than the set of its decisions. "

Jean paul Sartre.

All of us, to different degrees, would like change our life: who would like more money, who would find a soul mate, who would buy a house, and who, more simply, would like more free time to devote himself to his passions.

Whatever you want, to get it you will have to make at least one decision. I suggest 2 that, chosen every day, will revolutionize your life:

1. Do you want to get closer or further away from your goals?

As rhetorical as this question may seem, we often decide to take actions that take us away from our goals.

Maybe you've made a commitment to define your goals, have planned your next actions down to the smallest detail, and spent a lot of money on that revolutionary book or course; but then… when it comes to choosing between commitment and leisure, television, facebook and various distractions always win.

Have you ever found yourself in this situation? Ah… I saw you: you were nodding! ;-)

Then the course of events changes. Make a Decision: Whenever you are at a crossroads, you decide to take an action that you get closer to your goals. Sometimes it will be tiring or boring, but the rewards that await you are worthless.

Right now, are you deciding to take actions that bring you closer or further from your goal?

2. Do you want to get better or worse?

Improve yourself? Sure? So why do you keep having habits that negatively affect your life?

The second decision you have to make every day to revolutionize your existence is your own lifestyle. There are decisions that make your life worse, that drain your energy, that make you feel bad and decisions that make your life an incredible journey.

Think about the actions you repeat daily, think about your habits: in 5 years, will these habits have improved you or have they made you worse as an individual?

If you want to change your life, you have to start with the actions you perform every day: here are 10 habits to choose every day of improve yourself.

Sometimes all you need is a little awareness. When you make informed decisions, obstacles shrink, distractions fade, and reaching your goals becomes only a matter of time.

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