The 15 real causes of failure

What are the real causes of failure? Find out in this article.

The 15 real causes of failure

Only one thing makes a dream impossible: the fear of failure.

Paulo Coelho

Try asking someone what the main ones are causes of failure in life or at work and often you will hear something like: "he had bad luck" or "it was not the right time".

Let me tell you something, most of the time it is colossal bullshit.

Failure is defined differently by each person but there are often common causes for each of us and sometimes they are very different from what we might expect.

The 15 real causes of failure

The 15 real causes of failure

#1 Lack of initiative. You know the people who wait all their life for the ideal time to come? The end of the economic crisis, the perfect time to launch a business or who knows what event that can suddenly change the fate of their lives? This perennial stasis and lack of action obviously will never lead to anything and here is one of the real causes of failure.

#2 Procrastinazione. Procrastination is a similar cause to lack of initiative, however if in the previous case the failure is dictated by a not too conscious mental factor, procrastination is much more voluntary. Projects are often deliberately set aside to devote to other activities that may be more rewarding in the short term.

#3 Superfine ability to find excuses. As I have explained several times, our brains have a phenomenal ability to find excuses not to work hard or to put off activities we don't like, constant excuses keep us from starting and finishing projects.

#4 Limiting beliefs. I have dedicated an in-depth article to the limiting beliefs that are one of the causes of failure, many times what we become convinced of becomes extremely real in our head and then we act accordingly.

#5 Lack of knowledge of the value of time. Time is probably the most important resource of all, the bad thing is that we often realize its importance only after we have wasted it. Having reached the point of not having any, we realize what we have lost in the past and that we have not been able to appreciate.

#6 Lack of a clear goal. The lack of success is directly linked to the absence of a clear and defined goal in time: it is therefore important to establish what you want from life and how you could concretely achieve it.

#7 Lack of savings. Success is often determined by the ability to make small daily sacrifices. By cutting on infinitesimal superfluous and ephemeral pleasures you can set aside a small nest egg, in 10 years when you have achieved your personal success you will be grateful for having saved.

#8 Chronic indecision. If you have difficulty making choices and you are a serial indecisive you will have noticed how this problem can hold you back in the most important decisions, especially for those that can change your life. The next decision you will make may be to try to be a little less indecisive.

#9 Insufficient training. Training is one of the cardinal points of personal growth, the truth is that it is never too late to learn and if you really want to, you will also find the time to do it. Finish reading this article and do some research right away to find, for example, a course to improve the quality of your work.

#10 Too many castles in the air. If you are in the habit of making mind movies all the time you are probably not happy with what you are doing in real life. The next time you're tempted to make yourself castles in the air, use mindfulness to stop the flow and think of something concrete and real that could bring you closer to your success.

#11 Waiting for the perfect moment. If you are waiting for the perfect moment you will probably have to wait a lifetime. Instead of waiting for the ideal moment, act now, knowing that along the way you will improve and update what you started.

#12 Bad habits. Installing good habits is the real key to success, bad habits are one of the causes of failure. Try to define a habit that once assimilated and continued over the medium and long term could change your life for the better.

#13 You tell lies. I have already told you about the lies that we tell ourselves in the article on how to understand if you are wasting your life, the most famous lies are that you do not have time and that you are too old or too young. You are neither too old nor too young and if you really want to do something, you can find time.

#14 Lack of order. Disorder, not only physical but also mental, creates a confusing state that can cloud your goals and progress towards your fulfillment. If you want to start with the order of the items around you check out the article on the magical power of tidying up.

#15 Poor willpower. If you know what to do but can't, so to speak, get out of the way, you may need to improve your willpower. On this page you can find the article to strengthen it.


Now that you know the real causes of failure you can act accordingly to limit as much as possible the harmful errors to achieve yours personal and business success.

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