The 15 most refreshing foods against the heat

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“Antò, it's hot”, read an old advertisement. And now it's hot really.

Fans, cold showers, air conditioning, shaded parks - we try them all to find a little bit of refreshment; we eat slushes and ice lollies and ice creams, blissfully heedless of the calorie count.

There are healthier alternatives? Maybe yes. Take a look at these 15 most refreshing foods against the heat.


Against the heat, here are the 15 most refreshing foods


1. Bilberries

Delicious, fruits of the summer season (July and August), the blueberries they are rich in anthocyanins and vitamins.

Add them to yours salads, hazard them in one salad sweet, use their juice to make gods homemade popsicles. They refresh, are good for circulation, sight, liver and intestines. And they are very good, what more do you want?


Refreshing juices to fight the heat


 2. Eggplant

Don't think about the parmigiana right away, though. That is not true. Enjoy them on the grill, or cook them and use them to season one wholemeal pasta salad, with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and spices to taste.

Eggplants contain vitamins and minerals, have antioxidant and purifying properties. They are a summer vegetable, found in June and July.


3. Tomatoes

Seasonal, from June to October, tomatoes are the undisputed king of our summer tables.

Rich in vitamins and lycopene, powerful antioxidant, they are refreshing and healthy. Add them to yours vegetable, rice or pasta salads, or take them to the beach like snack (instead of ice cream ...).


4. Asparagus

They like them very much or very little, given their particular flavor, asparagus is rich in fiber, water and minerals, have a diuretic effect. They are in season in May and June. Blanch them and use them for rice salads or wholemeal pasta, or with eggs, as per tradition.


5. Zucchini

In season from May to October, courgettes are rich in water and vitamins. Refreshing, they will brighten your table as a vegetable, or as a condiment for one cold wholemeal pasta, along with tofu or ricotta.

For those wishing to try, the refreshing effect is guaranteed by raw spaghetti of zucchini.


6. Green beans

Green beans are in season from May to September. Rich in minerals, water and fiber, they also have few calories.

Blanch them and add them to your salads, or with potatoes and trofie, and an excellent fresh pesto.


7. Melon 

In season from July to September, The melon always occupies our summer tables, accompanying fruit salads, cereal and vegetable salads, and occasionally, even a few slices of raw ham.

Rich in water and low in calories, it will appeal to children and their mothers who are always on a diet.


8. Peaches

Except in particular cases of allergies, for which particular attention should be paid to the "hairy" skin, peaches are rich in water and vitamins.

Use them for one innovative salad, with fennel and "Iceberg", or in fruit salads. Take them as a snack on the beach, combining them with some almonds.


9. Watermelon

Anyone my age certainly remembers the summer evenings spent seeking refreshment in the "watermelon".

Fresh, rich in water (95%), sweet and colorful, the slices of watermelon they will be great end of meal, or a healthy and natural substitute for icicles industrial.


10. Cucumber

The Greeks already know this and have always used it cucumbers to refresh their recipes: and it is very hot there.

Cucumbers have a high water content, making them even suitable for refreshing applications on the skin.

Use them to make gods purifying centrifuges, add them to your salad with tomatoes and feta, risk new combinations to make them tasty sauces.


Try the refreshing cucumber recipes


11. Grapefruit

It's not quite in season, the grapefruit, but it is very rich in water, minerals and vitamins, is an excellent thirst quencher and unusual ingredient of summer salads: you have already tried the pink grapefruit together with raw fennel?


12. Lemon

It is now found in any season. Purifying, vitamin, refreshing, of lemon almost everything has already been said.

Use it for flavoring water or iced tea homemade and sweetened with stevia. Or you dare add it, in pieces, to yours rice salads.


13. Celery


It will become very nice to you if you are on a diet, because by eating it you consume more calories of those it provides

Celery, rich in minerals, fibers and water, it will go well with asalad with walnuts, or in a colorful pinzimonio as a healthy appetizer.


14. Lettuce

The green salad richer in water, poorly digested by some stomachs due to the many fibers.

The lettuce, Great "companion dish ”of tomatoes, celery and cucumbers to compose a highly refreshing and purifying salad, to which you will add seeds, nuts, EVO oil for a single vegan and healthy dish, to be combined with wholemeal bread and a fruit.


15. Strawberries

Very few Calories, 91% water. Purifying, colorful and good, strawberries they will be great snack or breakfast, along with yogurt, or a dessert very sweet after a meal. Or a new ingredient for a fresh risotto. To you the choice.


The purifying strawberries



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