The 10 best foods for cartilage

To keep the cartilages healthy it takes a lot of tricks from the point of view motor but also food.

The choice should fall on foods rich in lysine, an essential amino acid that the body does not produce.

The right dose to help the body rebuild cartilage faster is 12 mg of lysine for every kg of body weight.

Let's see through which foods it is good to take it in the right quantity.


The 10 foods for cartilage health 

Let's see together the 10 great foods for cartilage, to keep it healthy and prevent wear

1. Figs 

I figs are a real reserve of vitamin D, defend the skin, contrast the inflammations, they help both the condition of the cartilage and that of the heart muscle. They are high in calories, so don't overdo it. If the right balance in consumption is maintained, they become real allies for the whole organism, including the eyes. 


2. Apples 

Rich in pectin and vitamin C, apples are an absolute panacea. They help the condition of the cartilage, that of the teeth and that of internal organs such as the intestine and lungs. Better - like many other fruits - to eat them isolated so as not to accuse states of fermentation.  


3. Beans 

Somewhat caloric, but just as nutritious, beans promotefat emulsion (and avoid overweight which weighs on the joints and does not help the condition of the cartilage). In addition to weight regulation, they also promote the work of the heart and promote blood circulation.


4. Yogurt 

Rich in enzymes such as Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, The Yogurt it is very nutritious, rich in  Vitamins of group B, necessary for the balance of the nervous system and for the proper functioning of the liver.

Also useful vitamin K for blood clotting. it benefits the cartilage and also the bones, as it is rich in I left minerals, in particular of football.  

5. Cod liver oil   

Cod liver oil it is highly recommended for those suffering from joint pathologies due to cartilage wear.

Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which increase the fluidity of cell membranes, endothelial function, modulation of platelet aggregation.  


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6. Kiwi   

An extraordinary vitamin fruit, the Kiwi it is also sensational for the cartilage. Contains Vitamin E, flavonoids, folic acid, potassium and enzymes that favor the assimilation and digestion of proteins. 


7. Lemon 

Il lemon is the king of fruits as far as thealkalinization of the body. The choice of starting the day with a glass of warm water and squeezed lemon is excellent. The lemon is good on the cartilage side because it burns, disinfects, heals. It detoxifies, purifies and is rich in vitamins.


8. Oranges  

A panacea for the immune system, the oranges I am strongly antioxidants, they protect cartilage, colon and heart system.

A large amount of pectin it is found in the albedo, the white and spongy part that covers the rind internally.

9. Poultry  

For those who are not vegan or vegetarian, chicken is a food that helps the cartilage, as long as they are not farmed chickens or chickens that are filled with harmful substances to make them big.

La chicken jelly provides a good defense againstrheumatoid arthritis and for osteoarthritis. Chicken cartilage is also available in capsules.


10. eggs  

Le eggs fresh are a food of appalling nutritional value. Rich in iron, free of carbohydrates, with abundant proteins that are very useful for the internal tissues of the body.

They contain all vitamins except C, they are rich in lipoproteins and lecithin (phospholipid component).  



The function of cartilage and lysine

Why is it important that the cartilage keep you in good health?

This elastic fabric should be imagined as a real shock absorber, a set of long bearings that cushion, hold, soften sliding and friction.

We have cylinder, condyle, saddle, trochlea, ball joints and the cartilage serves as bearing. The problem arises when the cartilages they become thinner due to wear, which happens with age or due to aarthrosis post traumatic secondary.


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