Thanks for existing mom, today and forever

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Thanks for existing mom, today and forever

A mother doesn't care about the distance that separates her from her children. She knows how to be present with her heart, she uses the right words in every situation, she knows how to give the most appropriate advice and offers unconditional support in all circumstances.

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Last update: January 17, 2022

Thanks for existing mom, yesterday, today and forever. Through your unconditional support, your absolute trust, that look that since childhood has given me the confidence and courage to face life in the way I have chosen. Thank you because you are a summer breeze that calms me, awakens my happiness and is a source of inspiration.

The sensations given to us by our mothers are a gift. A good mother is a great woman, a person with an exceptional life path who has been able to take care of herself, who has prioritized her values ​​and who knows how to always give the best to her children.

Washington Irving said that "a mother will always strive to dispel those dark clouds that hover over us from time to time, so that peace may return to our hearts." A good mother leaves her mark on her children, teaches them to chase away those momentary clouds.

A mother does not only have the task of giving affection and love. He educates, corrects, sets limits, sets an example and does not hesitate to pave the way so that at the right time the children advance alone in the world to outline their destiny.

The multicultural origins of Mother's Day

Mother's Day is celebrated on May 8th. For many, it is little more than an advertising operation to increase sales in shopping malls. For others, however, it is a special moment to share with the family.

The origins of this celebration are to be found in Ancient Egypt, which celebrated the cult of the goddess Isis, creator of life, goddess of magic and protector of children and women.

The Greeks, on the other hand, worshiped Rhea, mother of Zeus, of Hades, god of the underworld, of Poseidon, Estia, Hera and Demeter. Rea was a Titan and her female figure was associated with the Moon.

With the arrival of Christianity, the figure of the Virgin Mary emerged, the mother par excellence.

In the nineteenth century, the holiday began to be celebrated during the month of May thanks to the initiative of the American poet and activist Julia Ward Howe and Ann Jarvis, considered the creator of Mother's Day in the United States. During the American Civil War, these two women undertook to organize demonstrations to bring together all the mothers who had been victims of the conflict.

Each year the celebration promoted by Julia Ward and Ann Jarvis had the task of conveying peace and hope and of promoting the defense of women's rights. Thus it was that in May 1914 Mother's Day was born.

Thanks for existing mom, thanks for being who you are

Then Mother's Day is not the result of an advertising operation. It has historical roots and, above all, an aim: to enhance the figure of the woman who fights for her rights, who defends peace, love for her children, guided by strong values.

  • Mom, I thank you for always being present with affection in the most decisive moments of my life.
  • Thank you because you are always by my side. Because even if I don't tell you often, you are always in my heart.
  • I also thank you for teaching me to look after myself / 0, because you gave me wings and not chains, for making me wind and not an anchor. I am like this because you taught me that in this life you have to be free, but above all responsible.


Thanks for existing mom and thanks for the way you are. So enthusiastic, so unique, expert in making my life easier, because you laugh at everything, because you are serious when needed and you are a role model to imitate today, tomorrow and forever.

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