Thank you for being who you are and for being where you are

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Robert Maurer

Thank you for being who you are and for being where you are

Last update: December 10, 2015

Thank you for staying, for not leaving, for opposing all the rules, for ignoring prejudices, for deciding to stay, for not looking for excuses, for not making me sad ...

Thank you for being the way you are and for being where you want to be. Thank you because I know that sometimes it is not easy to fill that role, that of a person-home, that of a heart of steel forged with the warmth of an “unforgettable” flame.

Thanks to you I understood that sincere affection never ends, that it is never negotiable or conditional. You taught me that where one decides to be, that's where he wants to stay ...

I've been a better person since I've known you

Having you is such a great gift that I need my whole life to be able to savor it. For this reason, since I have you in my life, I am a better person, more complete, happier, with more will to live and with fewer fears.

I like having someone who knows my ghosts, my fears and my demons. I like the fact that you know everything about me and, despite that, you don't shy away from staying. I like the fact that you love me when I don't deserve it, I like that you make me understand that mistakes are part of our being.

I like to move on next to you and shaking your hand, understanding that life is not as dark as my ghosts want me to believe. I like to collect reasons to be a better person, knowing that you and I, together, are two grains of sand and that this is enough to change the world.

Thank you for keeping me from being shipwrecked

Thank you for preventing me from drowning in sadness, laziness and heaviness. Thank you for giving me reasons to move on, for opening my eyes and for revealing that each of us is a world worth exploring.

Thank you for forgiving my delays, for navigating beside me, for guiding me towards the shore, for motivating me to swim in the rivers of sacrifice, work and challenge. Thank you for your trust, because you make me dream, because you believe me capable of following roads that I never even imagined existed.

Thank you for telling me without words that there are bonds that cannot be broken, that not everything is disposable, that there is no need to stand out in the crowd to shine, that we are all unforgettable and that there are hugs that are capable of reassembling our broken pieces.


Thank you for being on the other side of this union, because you stretch out your hands, because you don't abandon this bond, because you allow time to flow and you don't punish with distance.

Thank you because you recognize the smiles of pain in me, because you know that I am not well, because you understand me, because you offer me warmth, because you give me oxygen, because you bring me back to life, because you never demand anything from me, because I don't intoxicate me.

The importance of meaningful relationships

There are people who simply become our favorite corners of paradise, those places where we can always return. We share moments of love, understanding and confidence with them.

There are people who become psychological air because they allow us to breathe and fill our lungs with what is authentic. These relationships help us support ourselves, set our pace, and understand our path.

It is fortunate to be able to feed on permanence, self-love and common interests. Everything is easier when we go through part of our life accompanied, when we know that there is someone around the corner waiting for us, when we feel loved and worthy of love.

Because meaningful relationships are those that have the perfect words for each moment, who sense the amount of kisses we need, who know the warmth of reciprocity and gratitude, who leave space for the essence, who guide us in the right direction, which smell and smell of home.

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