Ten ideas for integrating chia seeds into your diet

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Chia, natural supplement

Chia seeds are foods with beneficial properties that they bring; as a natural food supplement for a healthy body, the usually recommended dose is one tablespoon or at most two per day.

Therefore, always keep a small jar close at hand on the shelf of the closet or pantry and do not forget it.

Yes, but how to best cook these beneficial axes? Here are ten simple ideas to prepare healthy and delicious dishes and snacks at the same time, enriching them with these precious seeds both raw and cooked.


1. Use chia seeds for breakfast 

A good habit is to use chia seeds since the morning. If you get used to the glass of lukewarm water and lemon as soon as you wake up, put some already there.

A teaspoon to divide between plain yogurt, low-sugar jam or honey is just fine. You can also put them on in milk, together with cereals, or in the juice. 


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2. Integrate the chia seeds in the first courses 

Chia seeds go very well with soups, To vegetable soups, vellutata or alle soups: the advice is to put one teaspoon cold, together with extra virgin olive oil. They can also be eaten very well on a plate of rice or pasta, or in varied salads and unique dishes based on cereals, such as oats, millet, spelled, barley or with quinoa. 


3. Chia seeds and veg. Main courses

These little gifts of nature are perfect ingredients for Meatballs, omelettes or grilled tofu, in short, for vegetarian or vegan main courses.

In the first case, once you have formed your meatballs - whether they are bread, vegetarian or with cereals or legumes - they are passed in flour and chia seeds, alternating them as desired with sesame seeds, then sautéed in a non-stick pan with a little extra virgin olive oil.

Alternatively they are used to enrich omelettes and as a topping for grilled tofu, along with a spoonful of soy sauce.


4. Chia seeds: a thickener for sweets

Don't forget the valid thickening and solidifying power of these seeds. They can thus be used to make them fresh spoon desserts, puddings, or as a thickener in cold desserts based on creams and gelatinous parts.

They also look great in between fruit salad, along with honey, lemon and a few fresh mint leaves!


5. The sauces with chia seeds

If you prepare habitually sauces to use as appetizer, such as guacamole, chickpea-based sauce or otherwise, also consider chia seeds as final addition.

Just put a teaspoon and leave to rest for an hour to give everything an even more homogeneous consistency and give us a greater satiating power, excellent thing for the diet and to promote the slimming.


6. Chia seeds in bread

When you dedicate yourself to the dough of bread, pizzas, focaccia or savory pies don't forget to put a handful of chia seeds among the flour. They are also excellent cooked and go well with bread with cereals, vegetable pies, mashed bread, bread without yeast, crackers, breadsticks or similar baked goods. 


7. Richer salads with chia seeds

The most spontaneous thing is this: season the salad with oil, sale, pepper, or whatever you prefer and add a sprinkling of these seeds at the end. Visually, it is also nice to alternate them with sesame seeds. 


8. Sauteed vegetables and chia seeds

Zucchini, carrots, potatoes in the pan they call at the end a sprinkling of chia seeds, among the spices and condiments you like most to use.

They can also be added to spinach or herbs, for example stir-fried "Indiana", that is with onion, ginger, curry, turmeric, cumin seeds, salt, a pinch of sugar, chilli and a final splash of fresh lemon juice.


9. Chia seeds in centrifuged 

An excellent habit, especially with the arrival of heat and the dreaded costume fitting, is to use chia seeds in centrifuged. As already mentioned, they help to increase the sense of satiety and their neutral flavor will not affect the final result. 


10. Chia seeds in snacks for athletes

Regardless of how sporty you are, the advice is to always integrate a teaspoon of chia seeds, a couple of hours before training or after, in the recovery phase.

Perfect when consumed with honey, natural juices or drinks, chia seeds become special when added in the preparation in the classic cereal bars, very useful hunger breakers and restorative snacks for athletes.


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