Tell me what sofa you have and I'll tell you who you are

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The sofa is perfect for lying on it and relaxing after a hard day at work, for sitting comfortably to watch a movie, for chatting with friends and for sometimes discussing with your partner. From this point of view, the sofa is one of the most important elements of the furnishing of a home, so it is not useless to ask ourselves if its choice can also reveal aspects of our personality.

In fact, every detail of the furniture says a lot about who we are, and the sofa is no exception. Everything matters, from the style we choose to the color.

Un small sofa, two or three seats, is often the preferred choice of romantics looking to enjoy intimacy. The small size of these sofas makes us feel safer, it is as if we feel embraced, so it is also the perfect choice for furnishing a cozy living room.

La chaise longue, this hybrid between an armchair and a sofa is instead ideal for conveying the illusion of space, but at the same time generates a deep sense of intimacy. People who opt for this model usually have a lot of good taste, have a great aesthetic sense and are very sophisticated.

I reclining sofas that have become fashionable in recent years, are usually chosen by those who prioritize comfort over aesthetics. They often meet at home with people who have a very stressful job and who want to immerse themselves in a haven of tranquility when they return home.

Another option is the sofa bed, which identifies a practical and proactive person, who loves to be prepared for any eventuality. However, those who choose the sofa bed are often also a spontaneous person who loves to work in multitasking.

When buying a new sofa, one of the most difficult decisions is the choice of color. In this regard, several factors are evaluated: What happens if it gets stained? Will you see the dust? Will it go well with the rest of the furniture? So, in many cases even color is an expression of our personality. Brown: Most people label people who choose a brown sofa as "boring", but in reality they are very practical people, they know how to prioritize their goals and above all have clear goals. Red: Impulsiveness, originality and ambition are some of the qualities of those who choose this color. These are also people who are not afraid to take risks and have a very outgoing personality.Blue: Known as the color of success, it is often the favorite color of people who have a whimsical personality, who get aroused easily and are very creative. Indeed, a blue sofa conveys a feeling of tranquility, but also of eccentricity and grandeur. Yellow: This is an unusual choice when referring to a sofa, but the people who choose it are generally very idealistic, they love to immerse themselves in new adventures and they are fun. This color reveals a very dynamic personality, with a tendency to embark on different projects together.White: Many love it, but few dare to choose it. In fact, people who choose white sofas are usually very open-minded and are not afraid to face challenges. They are also emotionally balanced and maintain a positive attitude, although, deep down, they can have a perfectionist side.Black: It is usually the choice of those who have a strong character and are very disciplined. These are often dominant and very independent people who know exactly what their goals in life are. Green: Very few people choose this color for their sofa, but those who do are almost always cheerful, sociable and very intuitive. However, they can also have complex personalities that sometimes lead to conflicts or emotional problems.Orange: Emblem of luxury, this color often indicates a person with a strong dramatic side who loves attention. Usually these people are very optimistic and full of energy, indeed, sometimes they have too much.
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