Teff, properties and benefits

Teff, properties and benefits

What is teff

Teff is a cereal that is traditionally grown and cooked in the areas of Ethiopia and in particular in Injera. In these places it is very common and is present in many traditional recipes such as the typical flat and spongy focaccia which is served as an accompaniment to main dishes in Ethiopia.
Teff is the smallest cereal in the world, even smaller than quinoa itself but at the same time even though it measures only 1/32 of an inch it has a wealth of truly extraordinary nutrients and health properties that classify it as a superfood.

How to cook teff

This little cereal can also be eaten raw in the same way we eat oil seeds like walnuts, hazelnuts and peanuts. Taff is tasty added to mixed vegetable salads, fruit salads or even on its own as a snack, perhaps in a bar.
Teff is then prepared cooked in the same way as other cereals which are boiled in salted water as is the case with rice, spelled or buckwheat. The taff can also be perfectly combined with legumes and for making stews. Its small size makes teff also suitable for thickening soups, creams or in polenta. It is even great for making porridge or mixed with other breakfast cereals.

Finally, it can also be used in recipes for bread, pizza and other baked goods such as biscuits and sweet pancakes.

What does teff contain

Teff is rich in amino acids so much that it is rich in proteins of over 50% compared to rice. Among the proteins it contains lysine which is sometimes a limiting amino acid while in teff we find it abundant. The presence of fiber is equally high up to 5 times compared to rice and this helps in the intestine and improves digestibility. The mineral salts in teff are really abundant and we see magnesium, potassium and iron in the first places with a peak in calcium of a quantity 25 times greater than in rice. Among the vitamins, teff contains vitamin C and those of group B. Obviously, being a cereal, carbohydrates are abundant but with a low glycemic index. Finally, teff is gluten-free and therefore is suitable for celiacs and for those suffering from gluten intolerances.

The properties of teff

Teff has many beneficial properties for our health, first of all it regulates blood glucose levels and helps intestinal transit thanks to the presence of fibers. It is also suitable for people who want to keep the figure because it reduces the stimulus of hunger giving a feeling of satiety faster and is even more easily digested than many other cereals. Teff contains a good amount of antioxidants and therefore helps keep us young and healthy. Teff is recommended in the diet especially of sportsmen for the richness of calcium and amino acids, it is excellent for those who want to lose weight given its low glycemic index and is also suitable for diabetics. Its nutritional composition and active ingredients make it recommended to prevent inflammation of the colon and to regulate blood sugar levels.

Where to buy teff

Teff can be bought in stores specializing in products for celiacs and in organic food stores or herbalists who hold special food products. As we have seen in the country, teff is a new cereal and not yet well known but thanks to its nutritional properties and its good taste it is starting to be increasingly requested.

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