Tears are our wounds that evaporate

Tears are our wounds that evaporate

Tears are our wounds that evaporate

Last update: July 08, 2016

Let your tears flow, let the water and salt enclose your wounds and let everything that hurts and distresses you go away with every drop. Allow your body to feel and your feelings to flood you so you can move forward, so that you can live your life to the full.

Do not hide when you cry, do not be afraid to show yourself vulnerable, to show others what you feel at the bottom of your soul and that you are not afraid to express it. Sometimes the tears are necessary, they cannot be held back, because sooner or later they will come out, so let them flow and let peace invade you.

"When, finally, we express our feelings, they make us cry, it's just that."

-John Lennon-

Learn to cry, to let the tears flow

Tears shouldn't make us feel bad, but the opposite. If we think about how we feel after crying, we will understand that we feel relieved, comforted and that, now, we can smile again.

It is therefore important to learn to let our tears flow, going beyond prejudice and fear than what others might think. For this reason, today we will talk about the benefits of tears and bringing out our feelings.

Tears help us get to know each other

When we cry, tears help us reflect on ourselves, on what worries us, about who we are and the cause of our sadness. However, they also help us get a new perspective on what really matters, beyond the little everyday worries.

We all know what anguishes us and there are many ways to get it out: talking, walking, reflecting, writing our deepest feelings ... After all, it's just a matter of not being afraid to express them.

Tears are a way of asking for help

Crying can be a way of getting attention and asking for help. Maybe it's time for someone to listen to us and show us everything from a different point of view or maybe we just need a big hug.

E if the sadness persists and the tears do not stop, you may need to seek professional help, to be able to overcome this state of mind.

"Nobody deserves your tears and whoever deserves them won't make you cry."

-Gabriel García Marquez-

Tears release stress

Tears help us release stress. Why do we feel better after crying? Because crying is a way to release tension, to let out everything that makes us feel under pressure.

Feel how the tears approach the corners of your eyes and let them out to get rid of all anguish, so that the world will cloud over for a moment, but then see everything more clearly a few seconds later.

"Those who do not know how to cry with all their heart, do not even know how to laugh"

-Golda Meir-

Tears allow us to connect with other people

When we cry, we show ourselves vulnerable and, even if some may think that crying is a sign of weakness, in reality it is a symbol of courage, of the courage to show ourselves as we are, with all our defects and with all our virtues.

When we cry, we feel others, even people we don't know, closer, more affectionate. Tears bring us closer and help us connect with other people, to make us feel more human.

Get rid of the prejudices about tears

Crying is not for the weak, it is human and it is courageous. The misconception is often held that men should not cry, because it shows their weakness, but, in fact, what they show with tears is the courage to bring out their feelings.

Women, on the other hand, are sometimes seen as too sensitive and therefore tend to repress tears in order not to show sensitivity and feelings on the skin.

However, we must start from the fact that showing one's feelings in the way we deem necessary is good and it is crucial for our physical and mental health.

Not releasing our anxieties, in fact, can be the source of a profound malaise. This is why we advise you to let your tears come out, to evaporate your wounds and close them with every drop running down your face. Don't be afraid of your crying.

“The tears that are not mourned await in small lakes? Or will they be invisible rivers flowing towards sadness? "

-Pablo Neruda-

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