Tart: 20 recipes for all tastes

The homemade tart is one of the desserts that reminds us the most of childhood. Some prefer the fruit tart, different for each season, while others are crazy about the jam tart, prepared with self-produced jam.

Beyond the classic shortcrust pastry base for the tart and the jam, chocolate or fruit filling, there are really numerous variations to prepare a perfect, tasty and well-cooked tart at home.

Here is one for you collection of recipes for pies, which will allow you to easily prepare the version you prefer.

Strawberry pie

Tart: 20 recipes for all tastes

Our strawberry tart recipe is really special because the base is prepared with almond flour. So you will have a delicious dessert that at the same time is suitable for everyone even for those who are vegan or celiac, since it is gluten-free and without ingredients of animal origin.

Buckwheat and blueberry tart

Tart: 20 recipes for all tastes

The buckwheat flour tart is vegan and gluten-free, very simple to prepare and perfect to garnish with blueberry jam or your favorite jam. Here you will find the complete recipe.

Vegan fruit tart

Tart: 20 recipes for all tastes

With a few small tricks you can prepare the vegan version of the classic fruit tart. The vegan fruit tart is egg-free, butter-free and dairy-free. You will also need to replace the isinglass with vegetable gelatin (agar agar).

Lemon pie

Tart: 20 recipes for all tastes

Here is an idea that cannot be missing in your recipe book, with the lemon cream tart that you can also prepare in vegan version choosing to replace cow's milk with plant-based milk, for example almond milk.

Chocolate tart

Tart: 20 recipes for all tastes

The chocolate tart is truly a great classic. You can choose to prepare the chocolate cream you prefer to fill it starting from a base of homemade shortcrust pastry in a traditional or vegan version.

Cherry pie

Tart: 20 recipes for all tastes

Do not miss the period when cherries are in season and use it to prepare a fantastic homemade cherry tart, with fresh cherries or with the cherry jam prepared by you.

Grandma's tart

Tart: 20 recipes for all tastes

If you want to revisit the classic recipe for grandma's tart, try preparing it in a completely vegetable version, without milk, butter and eggs. Don't forget to garnish the tart with pine nuts after cooking.

Vegan tart with chestnut flour

Tart: 20 recipes for all tastes

With chestnut flour you can prepare many sweet recipes beyond the classic castagnaccio, including this tart in a vegan version with chestnut flour-based shortcrust pastry to be experimented.

Homemade vegan tart

Tart: 20 recipes for all tastes

: Very tasty

For your homemade vegan tart, prepare a base without butter, milk or eggs and choose a filling based on jam or fruit of your choice, such as apples. Here the recipe.

Gluten-free tart

Tart: 20 recipes for all tastes

: The heart in the pot

La gluten-free tart it is prepared with a gluten-free flour for desserts suitable for celiacs or with a mix of rice flour and very fine corn flour (but also buckwheat or quinoa flour) which are naturally gluten-free. Here the recipe.

Light fruit tart without cooking

Tart: 20 recipes for all tastes

Without added fats and sugars in addition to the basic ingredients, this light fruit tart is an excellent light and tasty idea to offer fruit even to the little ones of the house. Here the complete recipe.

Tart without eggs

Tart: 20 recipes for all tastes

: Alchemy

La tart without eggs it is prepared starting from an alternative shortcrust pastry base that does not include this ingredient. The recipe can also become gluten-free and suitable for celiacs by choosing the right flour. Here is an example

Tart with Thermomix

Tart: 20 recipes for all tastes

: Thermomix recipes

With the kitchen robot preparing the base for your homemade tart will be easier because you will have help in accurately measuring and mixing the ingredients. Here the recipe.

Tart without yeast

Tart: 20 recipes for all tastes

: The enchanted mountain

Some recipes to make the tart involve yeast, while others exclude this ingredient. You can choose the version you prefer and if you want to try to prepare one tart without yeast. Here the recipe.

; Apple tart: the recipe without butter and without lactose

Tart: 20 recipes for all tastes

The pie of apples without butter and lactose, it is suitable both for those who are lactose intolerant and for those who are allergic to dairy products. Crumbly and tasty, it is perfect to be served at breakfast, at the end of a meal with coffee, or at snack time. Here is the recipe to follow.


Wholemeal tart

Tart: 20 recipes for all tastes

: Giovi Light

To prepare the homemade tart you can replace the classic white flour with wholemeal flour, preferably organic. In this way you will get a dough that is richer in flavor and fiber. Here the recipe.

Classic jam tart

Tart: 20 recipes for all tastes

The recipe jam tart is the classic of the classics. The traditional jam tart is prepared with apricot jam and a homemade shortcrust pastry base. Here the recipe.

Custard tart

Tart: 20 recipes for all tastes

: Tavola taste

Custard is a really tasty alternative to fill your tart. You can prepare the custard in the classic version or in one of its many variations at home. Here the recipe.


Apple pie

Tart: 20 recipes for all tastes

La Apple pie it is a timeless dessert that reminds us of childhood. We can prepare it in any season and enjoy it for breakfast or as a snack. Everyone will like it very much, even children. Here you will find the original recipe and some variations.

Nutella tart

Tart: 20 recipes for all tastes

: Cult Wine

When we prepare the Nutella tart we do not use the packaged spread but our fantastic recipe of the self-made Nutella, which is really delicious and obviously without palm oil. Here is a recipe from which to take inspiration to prepare your Nutella tart.

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