Tantric sex: benefits and exercises

Tantric sex: benefits and exercises

Tantric sex has its origin in tantra or tantrism. It is based on the idea of ​​becoming aware of the present moment in order to increase sexual desire and the feeling of full awareness. Discover its benefits and some practical exercises!

Tantric sex: benefits and exercises

Last update: 27 March, 2022

Have you ever heard of tantric sex? What's it about? It is a concept that comes from Tantra, a holistic experience, a practice of Buddhist origin focused on the present moment.

In this article we describe in detail the benefits of tantric sex and how to put it into practice through 4 very simple exercises. Although there are many others, the selected exercises can help if you want to get closer to this ancient practice.

What does tantric sex consist of?

More than tantric sex, perhaps we should talk about tantra or tantrism. Although tantra is associated with sexual practice in the West, the truth is that it is a holistic experience of Buddhist origin.

Tantra is a practice closely related to energies, which can help a person to feel more connected with his reality and, above all, to become aware of everything that surrounds him (and also of everything he perceives within himself).

Tantra is a technique based on the "here and now"; applied to sex, one would speak of a practice particularly focused on the sensations of the moment during the sexual act.

Through tantric sex, the person gains a greater sense of awareness of everything she experiences during sexual intercourse; this is why tantric sex is closely related to the experience of pleasure in its pure state.

“Tantric sex connects us with the present moment, with our body and that of the other and with the sensations we experience and share. Through it the mind and the body merge and the sensation obtained through sex intensifies ”.

The benefits of tantric sex

Tantric sex is an experience that connects us with our sexual freedom, our desires and our passions. It helps us develop our senses and refine them so that we can enjoy ever more conscious and pleasurable sexual relationships.

As a person learns to develop authentic tantric sex, the sexual experience becomes more intense and satisfying. Not everyone likes this kind of sex though. It is not a question of a "better or worse" sex, but rather a more conscious sex, focused on the present moment and on the present sensations.

Other benefits of tantric sex are the improved lubrication (obtaining, through it, more energy or sexual desire), it helps to recover or improve sexual desire, increases the feeling of power and provides new forms of satisfaction and connection with the partner. In addition to the above, it can increase trust with our partner and strengthen the bond we have.

Some Tantric Sex Exercises

Here are some tantric sex exercises that will help you enjoy your sexual relationships a little more (and better). Take note!

Visual contact

Interestingly, eye contact can be a tantric sex exercise. Through the gaze, people can connect on multiple levels; a phenomenon that occurs in many levels of relationships, such as sexual relationships themselves.

When two naked people look at each other, the connection between them can increase. To achieve this connection, try looking at your partner and decipher what he feels and what you feel.

It is a time to become aware and connect with the present moment, to appreciate the beauty of the other. It is, at the same time, a way to emotionally undress in front of the other.

Exploration of the valley

Another interesting tantric sex exercise is called "valley exploration". Need show an attitude of full and sensitive attention to the partner's body and face.

It is about listening and perceiving with the five senses, appreciating with admiration its details, its subtlety and its totality. Pay attention to the details of the other, to the characteristics of the body of the other, it can increase the excitement of both as one admires the other and the other feels desired.

Changing rhythms

People are used to adapting and getting used to their environment. In a way, we "get used" to things, and the same goes for sex and partners. This is why it is important to "break" with this addiction, to continue working on the surprise and admiration of the other.

This exercise it therefore consists in changing the rhythms during sexual intercourse or during an intimate couple meeting. Changing rhythms and intensities increases the energy of sexual arousal, and can also help us have more intense orgasms.

Here and now

Tantric sex is based on the present moment above all else. It is a way to connect with what is happening and with all the feelings associated with it. The purpose of this exercise is to focus the mind and body on the intimate encounter.

That it involves giving up focusing on thoughts and ruminations (let the thoughts just go away). On the other hand, the sacred present of Tantrism also implies opening to new experiences and becoming aware of everything that surrounds that person, thus feeling the desire to connect with the other.

Although it may seem a bit abstract, when you start applying this exercise closely related to meditation, with time and practice the process becomes simpler and more automatic. How to apply this exercise? We can choose to face each other, naked.

Mindful breathing and closing the eyes can also help. The goal is, little by little, to rhythm our breath with that of the other, to feel that, while we breathe, we are forming a single entity.


Do you know tantric sex? Have you ever practiced it? It is closely related to the meditation and awareness of emotions and sensations.

It allows us to connect with each other on deeper levels and, above all, it helps us to know ourselves better and to improve the quality of our sexual and emotional relationships.

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