Take the first step: when fear blocks

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Take the first step: when fear blocks

It is natural for human beings to feel concern when faced with novelties, with everything we do not know and with the challenges that put us to the test.

Last update: December 25, 2019

Fear of taking the first step can sabotage our dreams, both small and large. It is precisely there, in fact, in that first step, that all fears and anxieties are concentrated. Once we get over it, however, when we are now on the move, most of those worries tend to dilute and disappear.

Indeed, once on the road, many times we will realize that we were ready to take the first step and that in reality we are much more capable than we thought before starting our journey.

When we let our fears overcome us, we tend to develop an attitude of procrastination, we begin to postpone those challenges that are particularly important to us. The fear of taking that first step takes over and we risk wasting time imagining the possible risks rather than plucking up courage and running after our dreams.

It is natural for human beings to feel concern when faced with novelties, with everything we do not know and with the challenges that put us to the test. Getting out of the comfort of our habits awakens the most hidden insecurities. And from here, the fear of taking the first step into unknown territory arises.

It means moving away from the reality we dominate and expose ourselves to uncertainty. However, if we don't, our big dreams and important goals are likely to be postponed forever. So how can we overcome this fear that invades us and prevents us from moving towards something new?

"For those who are afraid, everything is a noise."


How to overcome the fear of taking the first step

It has now become commonplace to say that fears are overcome by facing them. And yet, even if it seems like a cliché, it is no less true for this. In reality, there is no other way. Fears must be looked at in the face, knowing that they will no longer seem so scary once we are confronted with them. Looking at your fears means nothing more than recognizing and identifying them. This is the correct way to begin the process of accepting and overcoming fears.

Identify what you are protecting yourself from and what you want to avoid it is the key to taking the first step towards freedom. Know if you are afraid of failure or of not being able to overcome a challenge or that a specific situation that has already occurred in the past recurs. Writing and by making these fears explicit, you will prevent them from unconsciously damaging the basis of your self-esteem. By recognizing their existence, you can manage them.

To overcome the fear of taking the first step, first of all we need to give a name to this fear. Although it may seem absurd to you, there is nothing to be ashamed of, it is your fears and defining them is the first thing to do to face them. Indeed, by doing so, it is very likely that they will already begin to lose strength.

The effects of inactivity

Try asking yourself this question: what would happen if the fear of taking the first step overcame? If you are faced with an impending challenge, change or goal, it means that in some way it represents a need or a desire. The healthiest thing to do is to imagine what would happen if you stood still, exactly where you are, without taking the first step.

Now that you are at this point, try to put aside the “background noise mental". All those phrases like the old proverb "Whoever leaves the old road for the new, knows what he leaves but does not know what he finds". Or statements like "Why are you looking for something better if, after all, you're not that bad."

Insecurity is a completely normal feeling. Indeed, it is extremely positive. However, it is important to play this insecurity in our favor. It is a force that will help us be cautious and carefully weigh the consequences of our actions.

Take the first step: the present, the support and the push

One of the most common reactions when we have to take the first step is to postpone it indefinitely, trying to avoid the feelings of insecurity generated by this emotion as long as possible. We will start next Monday, or after the exams, or again with the new year. In reality, these are nothing more than traps or subterfuges of the mind. By postponing the confrontation with this first step, the fear does not diminish, on the contrary it increases. It's better to pick a reasonable date and commit to sticking to it than to keep procrastinating.

In the meantime, it's important to seek the support of someone we trust. He will have to be a strong person who helps us find the energy for the big step, rather than fill you with fears. Even better if he is a person who in turn had the courage to take that step, and who can help us visualize a positive feeling about the change. If, on the other hand, they are people who have contented themselves with a comfortable life without ever daring, they will try to convince us to give in to our fears.

After all, sometimes the only thing you need is a little push. And this push, or run-up, we have to give ourselves. The instant we stop thinking and simply act we will have overcome the fear of taking the first step, and everything else will be downhill. Once inside the door, everything is much simpler and lighter on the other side.

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