Swordfish: because it prevents aging of the skin, brain and teeth

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Tasty, tasty and, moreover, with excellent antioxidant properties: Let's talk swordfish, a food that is worth not giving up at the table. With the help of Dr. Giulia Sturabotti, a doctor expert in nutrition, hygiene and preventive medicine in Rome, we will show you what it contains and why it serves to counteract premature aging.

Fights wrinkles and lights up the mind 

Swordfish is an excellent source of essential fatty acids from the series Omega 3, which act by reducing inflammation, considered one of the main causes of aging of all tissues.

These nutrients especially help prevent nerve cell degeneration and a maintain skin elasticity; plus they improve your mood, thus helping you to "feel" young.

The swordfish also gives antioxidant vitamins, including A, which neutralize free radicals, responsible for the stiffening of cell membranes and the appearance of wrinkles.

But it is above all the richness of minerals that makes it one excellent anti-aging food: its meat, in fact, is rich in selenium, a key substance to stop time, as well as phosphorus and calcium, useful for prevent aging of bones and teeth»Explains our expert.

With these side dishes it's even better

"To enhance the benefits of swordfish you can prepare it (or serve it) with other foods that provide valuable antioxidants, ”says Dr. Sturabotti.

The ideal is to accompany him to a citrus salad, which give you a lot of vitamin C. Or with tomato, which contains high quantities of lycopene, whose bioavailability increases after cooking.

Do you want a delicious and super-effective recipe? Antonio Moscara, from the Milanese restaurant, suggests it below Moscara Terra d'Otranto

Recipe - Swordfish steak with cherry tomatoes, capers and fennel

Ingredients (for 4 people):

4 slices of swordfish fresh about 180 g each
100 g cherry tomatoes
40 g capers
40 g olive leccine
20 g fennel wild
3 cloves of garlic
2 spoons of extra virgin olive oil
4 tablespoons of white wine

Broth made with 300 g of fish scraps (heads, bones, clippings), 1 onion, 1 carrot and 1 stick of celery 

For the broth: boil the indicated ingredients in 30 liter of water for 1 minutes, then season with salt. Brown the garlic in a pan with the extra virgin olive oil, then scald the sword About 3 minutes per side.

Remove any excess oil from the pan e blend with white wine. Combine the halved cherry tomatoes, capers, olives and a small ladle of fish broth.

Cook for 10-15 minutes. When almost cooked, add the fennel and serve immediately.

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