Sweater alla lat machine

Sweater alla lat machine


The Pullover lat machine exercise is also known as Cable pull over, Lat machine pull over

Type of Exercise

Pullover alla lat machine is a monoarticular / accessory exercise


  • Pullover to the car

Pullover to the lat machine: Execution

The starting position sees the athlete standing about 80 cm from the lat machine (variable distance depending on the length of the arms) with the back in its position of strength. The shoulders are fully or nearly fully flexed, the elbows are almost fully extended, and the hands hold the bar with a prone grip at or above the shoulder distance. Hips and knees are partially flexed with the dual purpose of ensuring that the torso is parallel to the cable of the machine and of giving stability to the athlete. The execution consists in extending (shoulder width grip) or extending / adducing (shoulder wider grip) the shoulders as far as the machine allows without changing the degree of elbow extension except as a cheating technique. The rest of the body must remain as still as possible. The wrists should never be allowed to free extend due to the weight.

Muscles involved in the exercise Pullover at the lat machine

Group 0

  • Great dorsal
  • Big round
  • Lower bundles of the pectoralis major
  • Long head of the brachial triceps
  • Posterior deltoid
Shoulder extension (absent or partial hyperextension)

Group 1

  • Coracobrachiale
Shoulder adduction (wide grip only)

Group 2

  • Intermediate beams of the trapezius
  • Lower bundles of the trapezius
  • Romboide
Scapular adduction
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