Surround yourself with interesting, uninterested people

Like it or not, the people around you end up influencing you. If you surround yourself with positive people and enthusiastic, their optimism will infect you. Conversely, if you surround yourself with stressed and pessimistic people, you are likely to end up assuming their worldview and lose the will to live. Never forget that emotions are contagious. Of course, there are situations in which we cannot choose who to have next to us, such as in the workplace, but we are able to decide whether to let these people come into our life or not. So, when it comes time to decide which people to have by your side you have to think that, no matter how much self-esteem and self-confidence you have, even the hardest rock ends up being eroded by the continuous action of the sea. This means that you should make sure that you surround yourself with interesting, uninterested people.

Who are the people concerned?

We are all, to a greater or lesser extent, interested persons. However, there are people who only come to us because they want something, but are unwilling to give anything in return. You recognize them because: - They are people who behave like emotional vampires, so, at the end of a conversation, even the most trivial, it is likely that you will feel as if all your energy has been taken away from you. - They are very demanding people, never satisfied with what you give them. No matter how many sacrifices you have made or how hard you have worked to satisfy them, it will never be enough and they will tell you. - They are people who do not compromise in the relationship and are not willing to give anything, unless they receive something important in return . Relationships with them lose emotion to turn into a sort of commercial exchange. - They manage to generate negative feelings in you, such as guilt and insecurity. They are true masters at making others feel bad, especially if they don't give in to their demands. In reality these people are not bad, the problem is that they don't know how to relate differently. They believe they are the center of the universe and selfishness makes them think that everyone should become their "subjects." To maintain a cordial relationship with them, it is necessary to make them understand that we respect them, but also that we expect them to respect ours. individuality. Set limits and make sure they don't overstep them. Let them know that you will not fall into their game and that you can help them in some situations, but that does not mean that you will always be there for them.

Who are the interesting people?

An interesting person is someone who brings us a lot emotionally and intellectually. These people: - They are the architects of positive emotions and make you laugh even in difficult moments, staying by your side when you need it most. - They allow you to grow as a person, helping you to understand what you do not see with the naked eye and to expand your horizons. - They don't know everything, but they have a curious mind always ready to explore new things with you. - They know how to bring out your best side, making sure that it is truly the best in you. Interesting people enlighten you always, whether for their knowledge, their ability to convey affection, empathy or authenticity. They are not perfect, no one is, but they know how to accept and respect others, relating from the depths of their "I". They are people with whom you connect almost immediately and for whom you feel total empathy, because you share ideas, passions and hobbies with them.Often these people are not interested in adapting, so that their attitudes and points of view represent a challenge for others. In fact, this is one of the reasons why they are so stimulating because, despite the things in common, they are also very different and transform into agents of change that stimulate our growth. Look for people who give you a good "vibe", who know criticize you without hurting you, people who pursue their dreams and infect you with their joy, who do not waver, who seek solutions and recognize their mistakes when they make a mistake. When you find them, don't let them slip away because they are your most precious asset and, of course, try to become such a person, an interesting person with whom it is worth spending your time and compromising yourself.
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