Supplements for weight loss

Supplements for weight loss

On the market there are different types of natural supplements, in the form of capsules, tablets, concentrates, oils, which are considered natural adjuvant remedies in diets to lose weight.

These natural supplements act on several fronts: they can burn fat by accelerating the metabolism, block the absorption of sugar, or avoid the deposition of fat in the body and finally stimulate diuresis.


How supplements work for weight loss

The plants that block the sugar, that is the glucoblocking supplements, I am cinnamon, the nopal, the gymnea, for example. The supplements eat fat instead, such as prickly pear or the chitosan, they capture lipids to themselves and cholesterol, partially preventing its assimilation, which are eliminated through the faeces.

- supplements that stimulate the metabolism they are usually based on caffeine, green tea, guarana, yerba matè, bitter orange. On the thyroid gland, the endocrine gland that regulates the basal metabolism, supplements such as fucus or those based on algae, such as spirulina, act instead. In both cases there is a slight increase in body temperature which helps fat burning even during the hours of rest.

- supplements with diuretic function they mainly act on water retention, intestinal gas and liver functions. The best known diuretic plants are birch, pilosella, artichoke, orthosiphon, dandelion, milk thistle, among others.

Diet supplements for weight loss do not have a direct effect on weight loss, but they can be integrated with foods or supplements to increase their effectiveness. Other important supplements are those ad carminative effect, that is, capable of absorbing gases in the intestine, helping to reduce abdominal swelling: these are plants such as fennel and cumin.

We must always be careful and follow the warnings on the consumption of supplements: abuse can cause serious damage, such as loss of important minerals, with what follows, allergies, hyperthyroidism.


The supplements for weight loss, here are a few

The dandelion

Dandelion-based weight loss supplements, in addition to containing dandelion, sterols, vitamins A, B, C and D, contain the precious inulin, useful as an anti-hunger and to promote the rebalancing of the intestinal bacterial flora, enhancing its activity and improving metabolism.

Dandelion is known for its diuretic and detoxifying properties of the liver, kidneys and intestines, it is easily found in tablets, which promote lymphatic drainage and can mitigate the "orange peel" effect typical of cellulite, associated with fucus, birch, artichoke, grass and burdock, all highly purifying plants.


And tea

Green tea, black tea, oolong tea. These are exceptional plants for assisting the functions of the metabolism.

They are found in the form of infusions or capsules with powdered product and extracts. The high percentage of polyphenols and catechins contained in green tea in particular make it a precious drink and a good friend of slimming diets.


The fucus

From a dietary point of view, fucus is effective because it containsalginic acid which, once in the stomach, forms a viscous gel, which swells and is not assimilated by the body, but develops a sense of satiety that acts as a hunger-breaker. Fucus capsules are usually taken at noon and in the evening, before main meals.


L'ananas e la papaya

First of all, pineapple and papaya are fruits which contain vigetal enzymes that facilitate the digestion of proteins.

In phytotherapy the stem of the fruit is used, rich in bromelain, an enzyme that destroys the protein fibers of cellulite, releasing unwanted fats. The supplement for weight loss based on ananas it can be associated with orthosiphon, which helps in purification.


The orthosiphon

The orthosiphon, plant native to Southeast Asia, is one of the most versatile of the supplements for weight loss.

It is often found combined with other plants and herbs to prepare diuretic teas. Usually, orthosiphon-based weight loss supplements are great when combined with those with tea and pineapple stem.

Rich in flavonoids, orthosiphon eliminates the fats released by tea and pineapple. Taken morning and evening for at least a month a year it becomes an excellent ally of the diet.


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The very high protein content of spirulina, about 70 grams for every 100 grams of food, make it a excellent supplement in vegetarian diets. Spirulina, thanks to its nourishing properties, it seems to be effective also to control appetite by increasing the sense of satiety. It is taken in capsules containing dried seaweed.


The white bean

Phaseolamine is a glycoprotein obtained from white kidney beans which, by slowing digestion and absorption of starch, promotes the reduction of body weight.


La cassia nomame 

It is a plant that can reduce fat absorption by up to 30%, thus limiting calorie intake and decreasing the level of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood. Cassia is also an excellent anti-swelling, acts against water retention and against cellulite.


Caffeine, guarana, bitter orange yerba maté or citrus aurantium.

Supplements for weight loss based on these products stimulate thermogenesis, thus favoring the dissolution of fats. In particular, guarana enhances the flow of adrenaline and accelerates metabolism, favoring the transformation of adipose tissue into muscle tissue.


Guar gum and karaya gum

There are also supplements to lose weight based on natural rubber, in particular gomma karaya and guar gum. It is the rubbery secretion of a plant, the sterculia, which grows in India, Pakistan and some parts of Africa. The simultaneous intake of water and karaya gum, in fact, not only accelerates intestinal transit, but also increases satiety.



In addition to being a very versatile spice, turmeric it can also be taken in pills or capsules of 250-500mg. It is a herbaceous plant with a characteristic yellow color, native to southern Asia.

Known in Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric has a slimming and toning action on the tissues, as well as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action. Indicated to combat rheumatoid arthritis, turmeric also helps eliminate swelling caused by yeasts.


The Korean pine

Korean pine oil is able to reduce the sense of hunger and decrease the calorie intake with the diet. Korean pine-based weight loss supplements contain acido pinolenico, a highly effective polyunsaturated fatty acid for this purpose.


Sunflower seeds and safflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are useful supplements for weight loss, which act on both fat and lean mass, as well as safflower seeds.


The fruit of the garcinia of Cambogia

The peel of this Asian fruit performs a precious action on adipose tissues. The hydroxycitrate present in the peel of garcinia can reduce cholesterol and triglycerides up to almost 30%, limiting the accumulation of fats and favoring the demolition of sugars and transforming them into energy.


Kola nut

La Kola nut it was already known to the tribes of Africa and Indonesia. It carries out astimulating action on lipids, eliminating the desire for food intake, especially sugars. The kola nut is also recommended in case of long periods of stress as it allows you to make the most of the available energy.


The Nopal

Slimming supplements based on nopal, a Mexican cactus already used in the Mayan tampons, are based on the principle of binding fats and sugars together, taking them away, facilitating their elimination and limiting their absorption. Thanks to its hypoglycemic properties, it is also used with excellent results in the treatment of diabetes mellitus.


La piperina

Piperine is the alkaloid of black pepper, contained in variable concentrations and gives it a spicy taste. Piperine is endowed with interesting phytotherapeutic properties, nowadays mainly exploited in thermogenic slimming supplements.


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