Supplements for the eyes, what they are and when to take them

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- natural supplements for the eyes, such as foods that contain the vitamina A o il gingko biloba, are useful for infections, eye disorders such as cataracts, and numerous others pathologies or discomfort which can affect the eyes. Let's find out better.

> The eyes, organs of sight

> The most common ailments

> Food supplements for eyes and sight

> Phytotherapeutic supplements


The eyes, organs of sight

- eyes they represent one of our sensory organs as they represent a point of contact between our organism and the environment that surrounds us. They are very complex structures each consisting of an eyeball of about 2.5 cm and are located within the orbital cavity in the skull. 

The eyes are composed of 3 layers also called cassocks:

The eyes are the sense organs deputates at sight through a very complex phenomenon through which light hits the retinal receptors (cones and rods) which transform the sensations of color, shapes and light intensity into nerve impulses. These impulses are transmitted via the retinal nerve fibers to the optic nerve, a bundle of nerve fibers that connects the back of the eyeball with the brain, which processes and interprets the nerve impulses received.


The most common ailments

The eyes and sight can be subjected to various structural and functional problems, such as:


Also discover homeopathic remedies for eye ailments


Food supplements for the eyes and sight

The eyes and sight, like all other organs, also benefit from the foods and vitamins they contain.


Zinc is also good for eyesight: find out which foods contain it


Herbal supplements



Natural antioxidant supplements useful for sight


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