Supplements for athletes

Supplements for athletes

Sports nutrition

Before a workout or a race it is important to adapt your own supply, following diets specially designed for sportsmen. Password: equilibrium. The energy consumption of a muscle is in fact particularly high when it is subjected to constant physical activity. The muscles in general will therefore need a greater energy and vitamin intake, precisely because they work a lot while practicing sports. The sports person also sweats a lot, therefore well-planned diets for sportsmen provide for a good and constant integration of liquids.

At the base of sports diets there are same foods that non-sports people consume, but the meal planning is different and provides a distribution that allows a regular energy intake throughout the day. That is why 3 or 4 small meals are recommended, rather than a couple but rich. For the necessary calcium and protein intake dairy product at the end of each meal. It is very useful to introduce a greater amount of meat, fish and eggs for muscles and iron, paying attention to the doses. Mineral salts are essential, therefore plenty of space for fruit and vegetables. And what about sports supplements instead?


Also discover the benefits of natural plant protein supplements


Supplements for athletes

Here, when we talk about supplements for athletes, we mean natural supplements for athletes, not pseudo-drugs hidden in the lockers of a gym. As we said in the previous paragraph, nutrition is essential for those who play sports. The need for "integration”Instead occurs when the food intake proves to be inadequate with respect to the needs of the athlete or sportsman in general.

Enemies offatigue are honey, pollen and royal jelly, real "energy barrel"Natural.

Then there are the so-called "adaptogenic plants”, Tonic-energizers, including ginseng, eleutherococcus and guarana. Brewer's yeast, rich in vitamin B, proteins and minerals, is another valid supplement.

Very well known is the Spirulina, a Mexican medicinal plant, rich in highly assimilable proteins, essential amino acids, provitamin A and vitamins of group B. A truly natural protein, vitamin and mineral concentrate.

Important are the supplements for athletes containing mineral salts, substances that are lost through sweating.

Mineral salts and trace elements such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, copper, cobalt are substances that regulate neuromuscular transmission, an activity necessary for physical activity. 

Last but not least, the antioxidants contained in extracts of papaya, green tea, aloe vera, noni, acerola, rosehip, carrot, wheat germ, pomegranate and blood orange juice, red tea and rooibos.



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