Summer Sports | The 8 To Practice At All Costs

Summer is almost upon us and good weather brings with it the opportunity to train outdoors and to introduce new summer activities or sports to try out in the sun! You will feel more comfortable working out in a breathable material that wicks sweat away.

Dress in layers so you can undress easily and avoid getting too hot, and always make sure you have enough water!

Here are some great ideas to keep fit while having fun and burn calories without giving up those sun rays!

1. Paddle boarding (SUP)

The first of our summer sports is the so-called Paddle boarding, as well as being a relaxing way to spend time in the water, the sup works wonderfully with the core muscles, since it is a question of maintaining balance on the board.

If you're feeling adventurous enough, why not try pairing yoga with sup?

2. Yoga on the beach

There is nothing more relaxing than a yoga class, other than yoga practiced on the beach! The sound of the waves colliding and the rustle of the leaves will be enough to calm even the most agitated person, plus you will get excellent results in terms of flexibility!

Yoga is more a lifestyle rather than a sport, it allows you not only to do an excellent streatching but also to have time to meditate and relax and take all the daily stress off you to enjoy the summer to the fullest.

3. Volleyball

Volleyball is one of the most practiced sports in our country. Get moving with a game of beach volleyball, which is perhaps one of the most popular summer sports. With dodges, lunges and jumps to send the ball over the net, volleyball allows you to train almost any muscle in your body.

By frequently having to change direction, you will also improve your agility and speed. Burning calories has never been this fun.

4. Baseball

Baseball is one of the funniest summer sports. A nice way to activate some friendly competition, especially if you are a group of friends eager to keep fit. This game is great for burning calories: it consists of running after the ball, trying to advance around the bases and returning to home plate if you can!

5. Surf

Nothing is like spending some time in the ocean in the summer, and surfing is a great sport that will test your heart, swimming towards the wave, but also your core and legs, having to keep your balance. standing on the table.

There are several public beaches that offer surf lessons at a reasonable price, and usually just a couple of them are enough to get carried away. Make sure that the conditions for surfing are in place and choose an area of ​​the beach suitable for beginners and possibly under the supervision of a lifeguard.

6. Race

Running is a great activity in any season, but it is especially enjoyable in the summer when it starts to get warmer outside. Take advantage of the good weather and vary your training by practicing a bit of running on the trails or on the beach. To earn bonus points, introduce some uphill sprints, so those beats increase even more!

7. Roller skating

Bring back the good times of your childhood by getting familiar with roller skates and try using them in training! Roller skating is perhaps not exactly a sport.

However, skating allows you to shape your lower body and improve your balance. When starting out, just make sure the road is flat and there isn't too steep a descent or you'll end up picking up more speed than you intended!

8 Cycling

Summer is the perfect opportunity to invest in a bicycle or rent one for a little while. You can take advantage of the bike paths and explore new areas, or take your bike to the countryside and make the most of the hills and valleys while burning lots of calories. Why not organize a picnic and have lunch outside?

Summer is the perfect opportunity to train outdoors and enjoy the fresh air! There are just a few precautions to keep in mind when temperatures rise.

Always make sure you have enough water so you don't get dehydrated and don't forget to put on your sunscreen so you don't get burned in the sun.

If temperatures are particularly high, as they can be around midday, avoid prolonged outdoor training and make sure to stop in shady places when it comes time to take a break!


With this article we have seen 8 of the most popular summer sports that you can dedicate yourself to this next summer with your friends, by the sea or in the mountains or wherever you prefer. The important thing is to stay fit while having fun.

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