Summer program 2018: the diet to lose 1 kilo per week

    Leaner, healthier: if that's how you want to see yourself when the warm season arrives, here is the diet for you. Developed for by the doctor Serafina Petrocca, a specialist in food science in Turin, offers a variety of tasty dishes, mainly based on foods of plant origin chosen among those which, in the light of the most recent scientific discoveries, have proved effective in prevent cellular aging and cancer and keep cholesterol and blood sugar under control.

    Dr. Petrocca has set herself a further challenge: to keep yourself safe from temptation as snacks, sweets, chips & Co. that they can to blow your best resolutions.

    "The World Fund for Cancer Research (Wcrf) defines them"food with high energy density”: They have a high calorie intake in a small volume and theirs inability to sate leads to excessive consumption. I will make you pass the desire thanks to dishes based on "low energy density foods”, Like soups, which with few calories give you one lasting feeling of satiety, sheltered from hunger attacks ».

    Summer program 2018: the diet to lose 1 kilo per week

    A two month program

    The program lasts up to 2 months, plus the maintenance (which you find at the end of this article). During the first month of the diet it is also advisable to purify yourself, excluding some foods and giving preference to others. Afterwards, if you have additional pounds to lose, continue with the pattern, unrestricted detox. Both during the diet and during the maintenance period, it is essential to cook in a healthy way. 

    Here is the diet plan that allows you to lose about 1 kg per week (ma lot depends, however, on the starting weight, age and lifestyle).

    - Breakfast

    Barley coffee with a teaspoon of honey or green tea with a teaspoon of honey (the tea must remain in infusion for at least one to two minutes so that, after the theine, the tannins are released, which slow down the absorption of the theine , neutralizing the inflammatory effects) 3 rusks with a little jam and 3 almonds

    - Snack

    1 raw or cooked pear (or a small bowl of strawberries)

    - Lunch

    80-100 g of spelled or kamut pasta with vegetables or with vegetable and fish sauces (for example squid, zucchini and cherry tomatoes) or 80-100 g of rice with vegetables and 40 g of cheese (for example radicchio and zola risotto) cooked vegetables

    - Snack

    A fruit-based dessert (for example a kiwi and apple juice)

    - Price

    Minestrone or vegetable soup (for example pumpkin and leeks) fish with vegetables (for example redfish in tomato sauce) or legumes and vegetables (for example Spanish beans with fennel and olives) or omelette with vegetables or meat with vegetables

    - Seasonings

    2 tablespoons of parmesan, pecorino and parmesan seasoned per day 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil for lunch and 2 for dinner

    Summer program 2018: the diet to lose 1 kilo per week

    A diet for everyone

    The bad thing about following a diet is having to prepare different dishes for yourself than the rest of the family. But this diet is suitable for everyone and you can follow it together with your loved ones. Here's how to calibrate it on too partner and children, whether they are of normal weight or need to lose weight.

    - For him

    The man usually has a more important muscle mass and in some cases also plays a more strenuous work activity. Whether he needs to lose weight, whether he is of normal weight, the dose of pasta or rice will be 100-120 g, topped with a couple of tablespoons of extra oil if you don't have kilos to lose: just take off your portion and toss hers with the additional seasoning.

    At dinner, if you want to lose weight it will follow your pattern by overflowing a little with the doses, if he has no line problems, he will indulge in cheese a couple of times a week and the bread every evening (or the pasta in the soup).

    - For the guys

    If the children are teenagers and of normal weight, at lunch and dinner they will be able to eat like you, but without quantity restrictions and without giving up milk and dairy products. If they are overweight, they will be able follow your own plan, raising the amount of carbohydrates if males.

    In both cases, the real problem is don't let them leave the house hungry, if not they will throw themselves on junk food: so for breakfast you need yogurt or milk and also a slice of homemade cake. For the snack outside the home, ok with fresh or dried fruit, bruschetta with tomato or a sandwich with olives.

    Summer program 2018: the diet to lose 1 kilo per week

    How to keep the results achieved

    Once the diet is over, you can continue to have it diagram as a reference point, keeping in the habit of healthy dishes like pasta and broccoli, orecchiette with clams and turnip tops, cabbage rice and walnuts ...

    You gradually increase dairy products, like milk in coffee instead of sugar, i cheeses 2 or 3 times a week, yogurt for breakfast or as a snack. In the evening you can reintroduce carbohydrates with a first course that serves as a single dish (then seasoned with vegetables and proteins). The pizza with a side dish of vegetables.

    Don't deny yourself sweets, but snacks, prefer homemade ones: Better a hot chocolate prepared with 1 teaspoon of cocoa, a pinch of starch, skim milk and a teaspoon of sugar of any packaged snack.

    And here's how to deal with the 4 most "problematic" foods for those who are afraid of gaining weight.

    1. Bread

    No to the soft one like bread carrè e yes to the integral one a little consistent, which induces chewing: a small piece is enough to feel full. In fact, the more you chew, the faster the brain records the satiety signal: so you eat less.

    2. Butter

    Prefer extra virgin olive oil, but ok also with butter every now and then: a teaspoon is enough to give creaminess to dishes and ensure preciousness vitamins A, E and D. In these doses, don't worry about calories.

    3. Salami

    Don't make it a regular part of your diet, but eat them if the occasion calls for it, like a snack with friends. Use the trick of pairing them with pieces of wholemeal bread to satisfy you first.

    4. Vino

    A glass a day for women, two for men. If you are company, reserve it for the aperitif, where you will not arrive fast but after having munched some carrots.

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