Summer detox: 3 magical vegetables to cleanse you

    This season radishes, arugula and cucumbers assure you healthy recipes, light and moreover with a high detox power. Find out why they are so effective with the doctor's advice , homeopath and nutritionist in Livorno, Pisa and Grosseto. And then try them all together, so as to amplify their detoxifying properties, with the recipe for the delicious summer salad that you find at the bottom of the article.

    Summer detox: 3 magical vegetables to cleanse you


    "Thanks to high fiber content they are laxatives, therefore very useful for purifying the intestine ”, explains our expert. "Furthermore, they contain a lot of water: they are therefore highly diuretic, essential for "Lighten" the work of the kidneys, one of the main excretory organs of our body. The detox action is enhanced by the presence of mineral salts such as magnesium».

    Summer detox: 3 magical vegetables to cleanse you


    «This salad is worthwhile fibers, lots of water and minerals purifying and draining, in particular potassium », explains Dr. . «In addition, like many bitter-tasting vegetables, it has a cholagogue action, that is stimulates the excretion of bile by the liver, therefore it is useful to thoroughly cleanse this important organ e facilitate the precious filter work».

    Summer detox: 3 magical vegetables to cleanse you


    "Their strong detoxifying activity is due tovery high percentage of water (close to 97%) and the presence of some enzymes that stimulate digestion and activate theelimination of waste and toxins», Concludes the nutritionist. “But these vegetables also contain some cleansing minerals, such as silicon and manganese, which promote the acid-base balance of the body. Finally, they facilitate theelimination of uric acid and promote intestinal transit thanks to the fiber content, especially if eaten with the peel ».

    Summer detox: 3 magical vegetables to cleanse you


    Ingredients for people 2

    50 g of rocket

    10 radishes

    3 cetrioles bio

    40 g of Taggiasca olives

    1 lemon bio

    salt and pepper to taste

    extra virgin olive oil to taste

    Wash the vegetables and lemon under running water and pat dry with a paper towel. Cut the peeled cucumbers into half-centimeter thick slices. Divide the radishes in half. Put everything in a salad bowl with the rocket and place in the refrigerator; then remove it half an hour before serving and add the olives. When it is time to bring it to the table, prepare an emulsion with the juice and grated rind of the lemon, a pinch of salt and pepper and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, season everything, mix well and distribute in two plates.

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