Sudden cystitis, a bump solution

Sudden cystitis, what to do

When cystitis is in the acute phase, the disorder can be very debilitating: urinary tract discomfort, increased frequency of urination and decreased amount of urine eliminated, painful urination and, in severe cases, blood loss.

An acute and persistent cystitis attack should not be underestimated, which in fact it is an inflammation of the bladder wall, because you can run into a general worsening of symptoms.


A few first aid recommendations for cystitis

> Secure a adequate daily water intake, at least one and a half or two liters of still water a day, possibly at room temperature and sipped slowly and at regular intervals;

> treat the intestines, acting to counteract any irregularities, constipation or constipation;

> avoid consuming industrial foods and drinks, fried foods, coffee or alcohol which can contribute to the aggravation of the problem;

> keep a healthy and balanced diet, introducing lots of rich fruits and vegetables into Vitamin C fibers and taking lactic or probiotic cultures;

> take great care of intimate hygiene, in the acute phase as in any situation: at the sea, when having sexual intercourse or during the menstrual cycle;

> wear comfortable clothing and in natural fibers, so as to let the skin transpire.


An immediately effective solution for cystitis

In addition to antibiotics and over-the-counter medications, an immediately effective solution for cystitis can provide taking natural supplements base cranberry or American cranberry, better known as Cranberry .

Some natural supplements contain Cranberry whose action is strengthened by other natural active ingredients: quercetin, titrated Coleus extract, D-Mannose and essential oil of Melaleuca or Tea Tree oil, natural antibacterial.


If the cystitis does not pass

After a bump approach, always on the advice of a doctor or a specialist, if the cystitis does not pass it is good to investigate and make clinical investigations.

Prompt and targeted action is important to prevent the disorder from becoming chronic, with all the consequences that this entails.

Please remember that cystitis is a predominantly female disorderin fact, as confirmed by the Society of Urology (SIU), infections of the lower urinary tract are 50 times more frequent in sexually active women between 20 and 50 years of age, compared to the rest of the population.


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