Success: Which Strategies Work?

it is a word strictly linked to the ability to reach the goals we have
we are imposed over time. The question, in modern society, is very simple:

Have you achieved the goals you set yourself? Yup! Then you are a successful person. No! Then you are a failure. Success is often viewed as a concept that
it has no intermediate points. Then the struggle to reach him begins. But ... obviously,
before we become interested in success we will have to work out the objectives from
realize, we must plan goals whose fulfillment will serve us as
yardstick to decide whether or not we are successful people. To plan
Goals are easy enough, just think of something we want
intensely. The tricky part is getting to them. So do the people
resort to the most diverse techniques (most of which do not have
no consistent psychological basis) in an attempt to reach theirs
goals. The fact is that advice often includes both a little
common sense than a tad of wrong strategy. Often the same ones do
they turn into an obstacle that prevents us from achieving our goals
rather than facilitating the path of realization. Richard Wiseman, in his book "59 Seconds", collects
the main strategies or techniques employed for be successful: 1. Prepare a detailed plan 2. Find motivation by focusing on the example
of a person who has achieved a similar goal to the one we have set for ourselves 3. Talk to others about our goals 4. Consider negative facts that could
occur if we do not achieve our goals 5. Consider the positive facts that could
occur if we succeed in the intent 6. Suppress all negative thoughts related to
possible realization of the project 7. Give yourself a reward when we make progress
along the way 8. Trust in willpower 9. Record progress 10. Visualize the positives that ours would have
life if we reach the goal Which of these is your favorite strategy? Which
do you think it is the most effective? The curious part is that Wiseman has
kept following these people to test if they really could
fulfill their wishes, some of which were as simple as quitting
smoking, losing weight or getting a new job. The sad and hard truth, however, was that only 10% of the
people achieved the desired goals. Because? Simply
because many abandoned the way. By analyzing the causes of the
failure it can be said that some of the strategies employed were wrong,
for example strategies 2,4,6,8 and 10 are not entirely positive in the attempt
to carry out a project. So what are the strategies that work? The people who opted to carry out a plan
detailed or to share their goals with others, they were the ones who
they really got to reach the goal. Obviously, between the project and its realization
there are many factors that cannot be reduced to the mere use of a technique,
but Wiseman's study gives us some points to ponder that they do
understand how many of the strategies you share on the net or in the manuals
personal growth not based on scientific research, they can be
totally ineffective. Everything thus indicates which strategies are most effective for
achieving a goal are those in which we are more objective: 1. Develop a detailed and realistic plan that
can really allow us to reach the goal set in a progressive way 2. Share our goals with other people why
in this communicative process, new ideas normally arise that we
they will help to see the path from a different perspective 3. Keep focused on the goal by thinking about
positive results that we will be able to obtain. However, this does not mean that
we will have to eliminate the negative ideas related to the realization of the project
because very often these thoughts indicate the presence of a real barrier
and for this reason, avoiding them as if they did not exist is absolutely
counterproductive. The ideal is to reconsider them to evaluate how we can
overcome these obstacles. 4. Reward ourselves every time we make progress,
take a break and rejoice at the progress already made 5. Meticulously record all progress made
and above all, what still remains to be done, because only in this way
we will be able to know if we need to make changes to our plans or if
let's go in the right direction.
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