Stuffed artichokes: 10 recipes for all tastes

If you love i artichokes you absolutely must try to prepare at home i stuffed artichokes, a side dish full of flavor to accompany your main courses. Choose the best artichokes to experiment with this recipe.

I stuffed artichokes they are a traditional dish from different regions. For example, we have stuffed artichokes Neapolitan, Sicilian or your city, but we can also experiment with this recipe in other variations.

In fact we can prepare at home the stuffed artichokes in vegetarian or vegan version but also the gluten-free stuffed artichokes suitable for celiacs.

Here is a collection of recipes for prepare stuffed artichokes at home in ten different ways.



Neapolitan-style stuffed artichokes

: Mission

I Neapolitan-style stuffed artichokes they are a rich side dish stuffed with pecorino, provolone, breadcrumbs, capers, lemon and parsley. Here is the recipe to follow.

Artichokes stuffed in sicilien style

: Pixelicious

The recipes of the artichokes stuffed in sicilien style they often contain anchovies but just omit this ingredient to prepare vegetarian stuffed artichokes that are still very tasty. Here is an example.

Stuffed artichokes your city

: Traces of food

To prepare this recipe you will need the traditional artichokes from your city and in addition you will need to use grated bread, parsley and other aromas to flavor and complete the dish. Here the recipe.

Vegetarian stuffed artichokes

: Fine dining lovers

Vegetarian stuffed artichokes are without meat and without anchovies. You can dress them with extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, parsley, breadcrumbs and grated cheese. Here is a useful recipe.

Vegan stuffed artichokes

I vegan stuffed artichokes they do not contain any ingredients of animal origin. To flavor them we suggest adding capers or a pinch of hot pepper to the sauce. Here the recipe.

Stuffed artichokes in the oven

: Online Naturopath

To make the stuffed artichoke recipe lighter you can bake them in the oven instead of in the pan, this way you can use less oil for cooking and seasoning. Here the recipe.

Stuffed artichokes gratined

: We grandparents

au gratin in the oven your stuffed artichokes choose breadcrumbs and grated cheese as a finishing touch and cook them for the last few minutes directly under the grill. Here is a useful recipe.

Stuffed artichokes in a pan

: Creative Sweets

If you prefer, you can cook your stuffed artichokes directly in a non-stick pan. THE stuffed artichokes in a pan they are easy to prepare in both vegetarian and vegan versions. Here the recipe.

Stuffed artichokes with Thermomix

: Simply Light

Prepare your stuffed artichokes even faster thanks to kitchen robot. You can make them very light by steaming them thanks to the special tray. Here the recipe.

Gluten-free stuffed artichokes

: Gluten-free ideas and snacks

The gluten free stuffed artichokes is prepared using gluten-free grated bread while the other typical ingredients can remain unchanged. Here the recipe.

How to clean artichokes

Don't be put off by the need to clean the artichokes fresh before being able to cook them or eat them raw, perhaps cut into strips and seasoned with oil and lemon. Here you will find the procedure explained step by step.


Which ones are they your favorite recipes to cook stuffed artichokes?

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