Stomach pain: what to eat?

Stomach pain: what to eat?

It happens to eat too much, a virus happens, a passing malaise happens.

It also happens that “it's not the day” and the our stomach can be in turmoil for various reasons, health or stress.

In any case, we would like it to pass and quickly. And maybe we're hungry too.

What to do? What to eat in case of stomach pain? And above all, is it important not to eat to avoid worsening stomach pain?


What to eat in case of stomach pain

As always, to solve a problem, it is indispensable to trace its cause: also applies to the stomach ache.

Stress, anxiety or indigestion, gastritis? Once you have discovered the "why", you can go to the "what", or what to eat; here are the recommended foods:

  • Light foods steamed, baked or boiled
  • White yogurt with enzymes, which help in case of stomach pains and improve intestinal health
  • Non-acidic fruit (apples, for example)
  • Beanie a lot, in the day away from meals, to facilitate detoxification
  • Rice: helps reduce stomach acid and possibly even diarrhea
  • They can be added digestive spices, if tolerated, such as ginger and curry
  • Mint tea, herbal teas or infusion of fennel or chamomile: they help to relieve the fields and absorb gases
  • Fennel: with its high antioxidant content, it has long been known for its anti-gas properties natural and because it helps eliminate toxins from the body. In addition to herbal teas, try eating half a teaspoon of fennel seeds or chewing a few pieces of fresh fennel
  • Papaya: ottima per lenire la mucosa dello stomaco per l ulcere, bruciori di stomaco grazie alla presenza di papaina, un enzima digestivo naturale
  • If you are not hungry, do not force yourself to eat: one or two days of a liquid diet based on herbal teas, fruit and vegetable extracts can be very useful
  • Perhaps the nausea and acidity pass quickly even with them grandmother's remedies? Try a piece of bread or crackers, and maybe a square of Parmesan cheese


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Stomach pain: what to avoid

It may happen that our body does not really want to eat anything: don't eat if you don't feel like it, or reject those foods that instinctively bother you.

Here is a series of foods that are still best avoided in case of stomach pain:

  • Absolute no to chewing gum: they increase stomach acid
  • Nothing fat food, cream-based cheeses, sauces and dressings
  • Prohibition for i foods irritating to the gastric mucous membranes: tomatoes, tomato juice, citrus juices, onion-based condiments, garlic, pepper, chilli, cloves
  • Nothing foods that cause bloating: beans, cauliflower, broccoli, milk
  • Drinks to avoid: alcohol, caffeinated drinks, cola, cocoa, juices
  • Fruit to avoid: figs, bananas, chestnuts, citrus fruits, all unripe fruit, dried fruit
  • Nothing chocolate
  • No to too hot foods and drinks hot


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