State of mind: the worst or best moments depend on interpersonal relationships

    State of mind: the worst or best moments depend on interpersonal relationships

    What was your most exciting moment? And the worst? Probably many people coincide with the results of this curious study: the best and worst moments of our life are related to interpersonal relationships.

    The research was developed by professors from the University of Buffalo, and states that most of us spend too much time and exaggerated effort to be successful at work, school or any hobby, but certainly events that end up being the most important in our lives and giving us the greatest happiness or pain, are social events, those moments when we connect emotionally with other people. Some of the happiest or worst moments in the lives of the people interviewed were: when romantic relationships were close to ending or when they were abandoned, when people fell in love or when they found a new friend. In short, always situations in which we emotionally got in touch with people who are significantly important to us. This study, which also included researchers from the Universities of California and Oklahoma, recruited a total of 376 volunteers. The first study involved college students who were asked to describe the most positive and negative experiences in their life. Invariably, regardless of gender differences, all participants reported social events. The second study was similar to the first and the same identical results were obtained only this time the researchers interviewed middle-aged people. In this way it is confirmed that money does not make you happy and that for the vast majority of people the relationships established with others and the moments spent together are essential to maintain psychological balance, bringing with them moments of great joy or despair. In this regard I am pleased to share with you a small guide that helps us to enjoy life more deeply and that is proposed by the famous Leo Babauta of Less TV and more reading Less shopping and more walks in the open air Less rush and more peace of mind Less consumption and more creativity Less unproductive work and greater concentration on high-impact goals Less cars and more jogging Less emphasis on the future and more concentration on the present Less worries and more smiles

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