Starting Meditation: Why Is It Worth It?

Starting Meditation: Why Is It Worth It?

As our concerns grow, so does the need for recreation. In these moments, meditation takes on greater value. Let's analyze the scientific reasons for starting this practice that can decongest our mind. 

Starting Meditation: Why Is It Worth It?

Last update: January 01, 2020

There are numerous testimonies on the benefits of meditation; it is a rather representative sample and one that earns this practice all our attention. As we have mentioned, it can be useful to take our emotional focus away from problems, but also to get to know ourselves better. Let's see why it is worth starting to meditate.

"Only when you are very flexible and soft can you be extremely hard and strong."

Buddhist proverb

5 good reasons to start meditating

1. Benefits on the physical plane

For starters, meditation offers important physical benefits. Its practice allows us to strengthen the immune system. It also helps relieve pain, for example when we get hurt. On a microscopic level, meditating on a regular basis helps to calm the inflammation of the cells, with a notable impact on our well-being.

2. Start meditating for emotional benefits

From a psychic point of view, meditating increases our positive emotions, generates a state of calm and protects us from depression. One of the scientific reasons to start meditating is the ability of meditation to create a barrier against anxiety.

The benefits also extend to the ability to self-control. This because it is a highly introspective practice, which helps to get to know us better.

3. Benefits on social life

At first glance, social life and meditation seem to be unrelated. This practice, in fact, is considered very solitary. However, meditation can be done in a group without difficulty. Indeed, that's how we get the most out of this experience.

The bond that is created with meditation companions allows us to establish solid friendships, to share intimate moments and similar tastes. At the same time, meditating in a group helps not to feel alone.

Starting to meditate with other people promotes the creation of strong bonds of friendship.

4. Benefits on brain activity when starting to meditate

Practicing meditation on a regular basis can increase the amount of gray matter, especially in the areas of the brain related to emotions and self-control. This in turn is related to the benefits listed in the previous point.

5. Benefits from the point of view of productivity

Meditation can help us improve our ability to maintain or direct attention as it frees us from stress. This effect increases concentration, decreases fatigue and makes distracting elements less attractive.

Although not a recommended mode, you are more capable of multitasking, and carrying out tasks that require the use of short- and long-term memory. In short, meditation increases our degree of control over mental processes, making them more agile.

Start meditating. Let's dispel some myths first ...

Finally, let's see some myths about meditation in order to put them aside and start meditating seriously.

  • First, contrary to popular belief, meditating is not just about leaving our mind blank. In reality, this does not always happen during meditation. Rather, this practice is based on the ability to let thoughts flow, without holding them back or focusing on them.
  • We can adopt different postures: the important thing is that that choice is comfortable. It is therefore not compulsory to assume the lotus position; as long as it doesn't generate too much muscle tension. However, we must not let our attention level drop so much that we fall asleep.
  • Finally, meditation is not a practice linked only to Buddhist or Hindu philosophy. To enjoy its benefits it is not necessary to be in a religious or philosophical context.

Are you ready to start meditating?

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