Start studying again in adulthood

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Start studying again in adulthood

If you have decided to start studying again in adulthood, here are some tips that may be useful in your study path.

Last update: 22 November 2019

Have you thought about starting studying again in adulthood? In the past, this choice would have seemed strange, almost absurd. Many people experience this feeling when they are planning to resume their studies in adulthood. You can start studying again for many reasons: out of necessity, out of curiosity to learn, for pleasure or because, in a certain sense, you never stop learning.

You must not think that starting to study again in adulthood is the consequence of a failure or a wrong choice. Did your 17-year-old self have to choose what to dedicate the rest of his life to at 37, 57 or XNUMX? Were you wise enough to know what your adult self would want after thirty or forty years?

Every day, an increasing number of adults resume their studies or are interested in certain topics. Some do it to seek new career opportunities, others simply as a hobby. Whatever the motivation, we will give you some interesting tips that can be useful to start studying again.

How to start studying again in adulthood

Do you want to resume your studies in adulthood? If you have made this decision, remember that today you have more possibilities than in the generations that preceded you. For example, you have:

  • Much more information on the training offer and greater awareness of the course of study you want to undertake.
  • More opportunities to study.
  • Online training. It is now a consolidated reality that can greatly help you achieve your goals.

Isabel C. Franco is one of the authors who has dealt most with the problems related to this choice. She points out techniques and tips that can help in various areas of learning:

  • Techniques against failure, error and to be constant.
  • Techniques for taking notes during a lesson, both in class and online.
  • Guidelines to be constant, especially in the case of distance learning.
  • Active reading and memorization techniques.

If we have spent many years without studying, it is not always easy to go back to school. We lost our training and the people who followed us in the studio are gone. Furthermore, the brain at a certain age does not have the same ability to learn and memorize as it did in childhood or adolescence.

The secrets to resume studying in adulthood

Continuous training is the basis of any professional activity. It does not have to be university-type training or regulated by some training institute. Any training course can be helpful in improving our performance. Often for most of the jobs we talk about updating, a sort of outplacement.

Whatever the reason behind it (professional, pure pleasure or wanting to have more knowledge in a certain field), there are some tricks to facilitate learning, which can sometimes be complicated.

To trust

With age we have acquired autonomy and a greater propensity to be confident in our possibilities. For many of us, resuming studying can be a challenge. We need to regain or strengthen our trust. In this sense, the environment in which we live can give us or take away a lot.

Abandon prejudices

It is important to abandon prejudices or to minimize them. It is increasingly common to see people of all ages in classrooms. However, many barriers still need to be broken down. Many still see negatively the presence of people of a certain age in the classroom; in fact, it is quite the opposite.

"Be hungry be crazy."

-Steve Jobs-

Be motivated to start studying again

Being motivated means having the belief that what you are doing is of fundamental importance. If you start studying again, try your hardest and enjoy the experience knowing that you are on the right path.

Plan what you want to study

In general, starting to study again in adulthood, given the possible family and work commitments, implies a careful organization of the time available. Plan well the hours to devote to the study, be realistic and do not force the pace too much.

Get used to studying

Try to recover the habit of studying little by little. It is advisable to start slowly and overcome small challenges from time to time by making the hours dedicated to study part of your daily routine.

Choose well what to study

It is of fundamental importance to choose well what to study. Think carefully about what it will do for you. Will it improve your professional performance? Will it satisfy your curiosities?

The answers to these questions will help you choose one subject or another. We advise you not to take a long time to make this decision. Thinking too much can reduce your confidence and motivation.

Seek support to start studying again

Seek support from family, friends or acquaintances. It is possible that at some moments you may not feel able to face this challenge. At this stage, the presence or absence of a support will make a difference.

Now all you have to do is get to work. Don't let anyone tell you that going back to studying in adulthood is madness. It is a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth.

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