Spring fruits and vegetables

In spring we savor the pleasure of living in the open air, of walking wrapped in a pleasant warmth and of observing nature that blossoms in all its colors.

A true idyll were it not for the fact that with spring there are ailments such as tiredness, exhaustion, depression, allergies, asthma and digestive difficulties ...

The organism is still tested by the sudden changes in temperature and cold suffered in winter.

If we then add the party binges and the various medicines taken to fight colds and flu, one thing is certain: our body, just like nature in spring, has need to regenerate, detoxifying and purifying, recovering energy and health.

Nature is a powerful ally in terms of well-being and gives us delicious and nutritious products, even in spring. Thanks to a diet based on seasonal fruit and vegetables, we can find the perfect shape.


Spring: seasonal fruit and vegetables 

Seasonal fruit and vegetables, fully retain their nutritional properties and the benefits for our health are enormous. Paying attention to the seasonality of fruit and vegetables means eating fresh products, grown in the sun and not swollen with water in greenhouses.

In seasonal vegetables, vitamins and minerals are not lost, the flavor is tastier and the cost is significantly lower than that of off-season products. What are we waiting for to create new recipes with the delicious fruits of spring?



apricots: excellent to be consumed fresh but also dried and in syrup, they are fruits rich in vitamins and trace elements. Apricot has a high content of beta-carotene, useful for the production of Vitamin A, really precious to fight the typical seasonal evils: tiredness, exhaustion and depression.

Cherries: the properties of these delicious fruits are so many: they help those suffering from hypertension and those who have heart problems, facilitate intestinal activity and diuresis and it seems they are even painkillers. Great allies of the skin, preserve its beauty and stimulate tanning. Perfect for regaining balance and energy thanks to their detoxifying properties.

Strawberries: delicious to be enjoyed in fruit salad, with cream or natural, they are a source of Vitamin C and they have diuretic effects. Strawberries help fight spring ailments as they are detoxifying and purifying. Do not underestimate the effect they have onmood thanks to the stimulation of the Serotonin, a great natural help in a season that can lead to depression problems.



Garlic: precious ally of health for its numerous therapeutic properties. Fights i cardiovascular problems, reduces blood pressure and cholesterol. Also known for action against infections: performs an antibacterial function on the respiratory tract, antifungal and antiviral. 

Asparagus: thanks to the high potassium content they are a very useful food for the heart and muscles. They have diuretic effects and are rich in vitamin A, manganese, phosphorus and folic acid.

Lettuce: very rich in water, it has a refreshing, digestive and remineralizing action. Precious source of vitamins A and C and mineral salts such as potassium, phosphorus and iron.


Spring: the seasonal recipe

With all the fruit and vegetables that this season offers us it is easy to find many healthy and tasty recipes. Here is a recipe that tastes of spring and that is dressed in the colors of a flowery field: risotto with asparagus and strawberries.

> 150 g of rice,
> 8 strawberries,
> 200 g in asparagus,
> white wine,
> shallot,
> chives, 
> vegetable broth,
> extra virgin olive oil,
> salt and green pepper.


Heat the chopped shallot with the olive oil in a rather large pan. Add the rice by toasting it for a minute and deglaze with the white wine. Add the cut asparagus to the rice and add salt, chives and green pepper. Cook the rice adding the broth gradually, stirring occasionally. Towards the end of cooking, add the chopped strawberries and leave to mix for at least a couple of minutes. Use a fresh strawberry cut into wedges to decorate the dishes before serving.

With this recipe you will delight the palate of your guests with a truly original combination of flavors and colors! 




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