Sports at home for children: what are the advantages

Sports at home for children: what are the advantages

Virtual sport is a means that acquires enormous value when circumstances do not allow us to leave the house. Thus, we can use new technologies with the little ones to play sports while staying at home.

Sports at home for children: what are the advantages

Last update: January 28, 2021

We often hear that a crisis can become an opportunity. In this period of global pandemic that has forced us to isolate ourselves to avoid the spread of the disease, many parents have discovered the benefits of indoor sports for children.

We remember that the little ones were caught in the full phase of cognitive and physical development. They, more than anyone else, need space to explore, run, jump, shout and learn about the world around them.

“Excellence is not learned in a day, it is a habit. You are what you repeat over and over. "

-Shaquille O’Neal-

Unfortunately, our children cannot spend as much time outdoors as we would like during this period. Home isolation can easily cause frustration and unease. Here then it becomes necessary to find alternative solutions, such as indoor sports for children.

Advantages of indoor sports for children

Let's find out what are the advantages of sport at home. When children are forced to stay indoors for a long time, seeing their freedom of movement restricted, they accumulate energy that must be released or consumed in some way.

They'll have their minds busy for a while

Nowadays, thanks to platforms like YouTube or Nintendo's Wii, children can have fun doing exercise, moving and taking advantage of all the sensations produced by their body.

This is an opportunity to educate them, accompany them, laugh with them and above all share quality time with our children.

Energy consumption

By accumulating energy, even children like adults sleep worse. They feel more restless, nervous, and sometimes even irritable or short-tempered.

You create a routine

Sport at home, if it is the only possible one, can help us establish and maintain a routine, fundamental as a daily reference point. In this way, children will know which time frame of the day is dedicated to physical activity.

Thanks to this, virtual sport helps them feel more confident, more stable and less irascible. It is also a great way to teach the little ones that it takes little space to activate creativity and feel better about their body by releasing energy.

How to organize a schedule for physical activity at home?

Those highlighted are just some psychological advantages of playing sports at home for young and old. The whole family will keep fit and help improve the sense of core creating stronger bonds.

How to create an efficient table for physical activity at home? Luckily, new technologies and the internet make our life easier. There are three options:

  • The consoles: if you don't have an internet connection, you can opt for the old consoles you have at home. The most interesting is the Wii, which contains several sports in virtual mode, but there are also available for the PlayStation 2, 3 and 4, as well as for the Xbox.
  • Mobile phone applications: they are specially designed for sports at home or anywhere else, such as on the street or in the office. They are useful, free in most cases, and often give useful tips for following the table.
  • Internet sites: currently there are many internet channels, such as the YouTube platform or social media, where coaches and experts upload sports sessions of various lengths and for all levels, depending on age, health, gender, etc. Very often they also include live sessions, which are particularly stimulating to follow live.

Indoor sports for children: health benefits

Thanks to home-made sport, your children will be able to enjoy various physical benefits while staying indoors. For instance:

  • Toned musculature.
  • Greater speed, flexibility and agility.
  • High knowledge of one's body.
  • More energy.
  • Better balance.
  • Respiratory capacity.
  • Improvement of posture.
  • Greater relaxation and serenity.

Now that you know the benefits of indoor sports for children, you just have to work to improve the health, both physical and mental, of all family members. An encouragement from all of us, even from afar!

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