Spices: a world to discover

Spices: a world to discover

Therefore, spices and aromatic herbs have important beneficial properties that it is good to know.

Be careful, however, despite their beneficial properties, spices can also prove harmful, especially if you exceed the doses and especially if you take drugs at the same time. If in doubt, always consult your doctor to avoid the risk of interaction with any medications you are taking.

The beneficial properties

Let's find out in detail what are the beneficial properties of spices and what effects they have on the body.

Il Ginseng it is a spice that acts as an antioxidant and invigorating; used by many populations, it is able to accelerate metabolism and is also an excellent tonic and a powerful tonic for the human body. Another antioxidant spice is Ginger which contains numerous active ingredients and can have antipyretic and antiemetic functions, but also has anti-inflammatory properties.

In our pantry we could also find spices with properties that act as real natural remedies against poor digestion: one of all Cinnamon, with its very characteristic aroma, makes it one of the most used spices for the preparation of desserts. In addition to having digestive properties, cinnamon also has antibacterial properties and can help lower blood sugar. Cumin, another spice, is one of the most important components of curry and is part of the spices that contain the greatest number of vitamins, in particular of the B group, and mineral salts. In addition to stimulating the metabolism, cumin is used in case of stomach pain and abdominal bloating.

Then there are spices with antiseptic properties such as the well-known cloves, which have important antiseptic, antioxidant and antineuralgic properties. Paprika, in addition to having antiseptic properties, stimulates the digestive system and has beneficial effects on blood circulation. Finally, the pepper offers antibacterial and antiseptic properties that make it one of the spices best able to help in the prevention of rhinitis and sinusitis. In addition, the chili influences the metabolism and increases the sense of satiety.

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