Spelled salad: 10 summer recipes

You are a little tired of the classic rice salad? Now that the beautiful days have arrived, try to bring a really tasty alternative to the table:spelled salad. You can dress the spelled salad with your own seasonal vegetables favorites and with legumes, but also with seeds, dried or dried fruit.

Here is a collection of farro salad recipes from which to take inspiration.

Spelled and peppers salad

Based on vegetable ingredients only and extremely easy to make, the spelled and peppers salad is perfect for meals away from home and is also suitable to be inserted between the dishes of a cold buffet. Here the complete recipe.

Spelled, chickpea and vegetable salad

Summer vegetables are once again the protagonists of this spelled salad, to which, however, are added ceci to make the dish more complete. In this way you can serve your spelled salad as a main dish. THU recipe.

Summer spelled and barley salad


You can enrich your spelled salad by adding somebarley. Both of these grains are viable alternatives to wheat which is usually omnipresent on our tables. As a dressing for this spelled and barley salad, opt for tomatoes and rocket. THU recipe.

Greek spelled salad

If you love Greek cuisine, you can prepare spelled salad with the typical flavors of this land. The main ingredients ofGreek spelled salad they are cherry tomatoes, feta, basil, black olives and peppers. THU the complete recipe.

Spelled, pesto and cherry tomato salad

Now that summer approaches you can harvest fresh basil and the cherry tomatoes from your garden or find them easily available at the market. Here is a great idea to prepare a good basil pesto with which to dress your farro salad. THU recipe.

Warm spelled salad with tomatoes and walnuts


Tomatoes and walnuts will be the protagonists of yours warm spelled salad to be served in late spring and summer with tomatoes and walnuts. You can also add other vegetables such as asparagus and celery to your warm spelled salad. THU a recipe to inspire you.

Spelled salad with rocket and tomatoes

Here is a fresh and easy recipe to prepare to create a tasty one cold spelled-based salad, better if organic. It is among the least caloric cereals and goes well with the taste of summer vegetables. You can combine it with tomatoes or cherry tomatoes and rocket. If you want, you can enrich the spelled salad with tofu. Here the complete recipe.

Spelled salad with green beans, potatoes and pesto


Green beans cannot be missing from your summer table. You can boil the green beans and potatoes, prepare a homemade basil pesto and use it all to season your summer spelled salad. THU the complete recipe to follow.

Spelled salad with cherry tomatoes and tofu

polenta and aubergines.

Among the ingredients with which you can enrich your farro salad we find the tofu which you can brown in a pan with extra virgin olive oil. Choose cherry tomatoes to use fresh and raw or to sauté with tofu. THU recipe.

Spelled salad with grilled vegetables


You can prepare an excellent one spelled salad with grilled vegetables, such as peppers, potatoes, eggplant and zucchini. Give space to the imagination for the dressing. A touch of extra virgin olive oil cannot be missing. THU recipe.

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